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At one point she begged, quote, I must tell you something hands off me a minute. Please mummy. It hurts me. I want to see my mummy, and quote, the entire court heard my response on the tape recording. She suddenly snapped at Leslie and to be quiet and threatened to strike her. If she didn't shut up the recording was played for the court in full women began to sob several police officers in the room were so shaken they fled the room in anger and horror one officer would later tell reporters that if he could have killed them with his bare hands he would have gladly done. So but Myra and Ian were oblivious to the tapes affect they completely ignored everyone in the room except each other while the tape played when asked about her treatment of Lesley. Ann Myra tried to explain that she had only SP. Fokin? So roughly to the girl because she wanted to keep her quiet this justification for what she had done is quite common among serial killers, a massive survey of incarcerated serial killers compiled by the department of criminal Justice and criminology in association with the university of North Carolina revealed that almost fifty percent of the surveyed killers rationalized their crimes by laying blame on the victims themselves or by refusing to acknowledge that they're victims had even been victims in the first place as news of the tape. Recording spread like wildfire through the reporters gathered outside Myra earned the infamous, immortal, title, the most evil woman in the UK both, Ian and Myra claimed during their testimony that Leslie Ann had been alive after Ian had assaulted her and that David Smith and another man had arrived to take Liz leanna away. But this improbable denial couldn't diminish the effect of little Leslie ends. Voice for the jurors. On may sixth nineteen sixty six it took the jury just two and a half hours to find Myra and Ian, guilty on all counts. Ian was found guilty for the murders of Lesley. Ann downey. John Kilbride an Edward Evans and was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole Myra was found guilty in the murders of Edward Evans and Lesley Ann Downey as well as harboring, Ian, knowing he had killed John Kilbride. She was sentenced to two life sentences plus seven years she would be in prison for a minimum of twenty five years before she could hope to walk free again in the judge's explanation of the sentences. He expressed his belief that while Ian was irredeemably evil. Myra could still be saved once she was away from Enes influence once again, we can see gender double standard at work even experienced criminal. Judges refused to believe that a w-. Woman could willingly participate in the murder of children. The judges had listened to the tape of Lesley. Ann Downey's, please. For help heard Myra tell her to shut up and could still believe in Myers. Redeem ability the moment ends verdict was read out, and he was led from the courtroom all interest. He had shown in Myra during the trial vanished without a trace as he was escorted back to his cell. He never looked back. Myrow was sent to Holloway prison in London. The other women began to attack Myra almost from her first day behind bars she needed a guard to escort her to and from her cell every day. She was beaten mercilessly numerous times and required hospital stays routinely throughout her first five years in prison, but the true punishment was inflicted on Mirus family, Maureen and David were also found guilty in the court of public opinion, people believed in and my rose impr-. Double story that David had participated in the children's murders. Neither of them could get work in Manchester, and Maureen gave up temporary custody of her children until she could find some way to support them. Eventually David was attacked by a neighbor who accused him of being a child killer, David defended himself with a knife. And was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison where he attempted suicide ultimately Maureen and David's marriage fell apart. They both relocated and change their names in an attempt to escape their connection to Myra and Ian crimes. No good deeds. Go unpunished as the old saying goes in the early years after their conviction. Neither, Ian, nor Myra took responsibility for the murders of Pauline read or Keith Bennett, which makes sense, of course, even with her consecutive life sentences Myra still had the possibility of parole after twenty five years she could be set free by the time. She was just forty eight years old. My wrote to Ian, often in the early days of their sentences, even though he seemed cold toward her. They carried on a conversation in letters. They also both completed studies in German, but the eventually drifted apart. And that's when her story about her part in the killings began to change Conly always claimed that Harare was to abduct children and that she didn't take part in the killings or sex attacks once in jail, she said boyfriend in Brady had beaten and blackmailed her for to kill how relatives if she didn't help him some of the victims were beaten, tortured and abused before being killed and buried on a desolate more in northwestern England without Ian by her side Myra began to cultivate, other relationships while in prison by nineteen sixty eight she had befriended. Lord, Longford, a devout Catholic who in visited her to see whether her soul can be saved. Lord Longford became almost obsessed with redeeming her he would even try to get her paroled early. The on numerous occasions. Lord Longford 's wife despised his meetings with Myra, and especially hated how quickly he had begun to believe in Myers. Goodness. That is at least until she visited Myra to lady Longford became a passionate and vocal champion of Myers. Just like her husband convinced not only of Myers rehabilitation. But that she might actually be innocent. It was through her affect on Lord Longford and his wife that Mirus powers of manipulation began to emerge. Police investigators still trying to find a digital bodies on Saddleworth. More would visit her in prison only to discover that she had guards and staff wrapped around her little finger, for example, even though none of the other prisoners were allowed sharp objects Myra was given permission to take up tapestry and knitting. She was given special permission to visit with family both in and out of the prisoners well researched by the center for applied criminology at Birmingham City university has found that manipulation is often one of the key characteristics of successful serial killers. And when a killer can both appear vulnerable and manipulate people around them there, especially dangerous. In fact, these killers can often evade capture for decades if they don't make prideful mistakes in the process in nineteen seventy. Twenty eight year old Myra found companionship with prison guard Tricia Cairns who had once been Carmelite nun before leaving the church after a crisis of faith Myra and Tristesse relationship when unnoticed for two years until in nineteen seventy two when Tricia and Myra began planning my escape from prison. Tricia, copied prison keys helped Myra forge a new passport with a fake name and bought tickets for them to escape to Brazil where Tricia believed they would work as missionaries. But in the last hours before the escape was set to happen. Tristesse supplies were discovered. And she was arrested. She would serve six years in prison and resent Myers effect on her for the rest of her life, my resume with people went above and beyond mere attempts to escape she was also allowed to spend time in the part of the prison dedicated to mothers and children at that time imprisoned women were allowed to keep their children. In with them and care for them in the prison itself, despite Mirus connections to the brutal rapes and murders of three children several of the imprisoned. Mothers asked Myra to be their children's godmother. Nevertheless, every time a news article was published about Mirus crimes Myra was once again beaten, brutally by other inmates in nineteen seventy five at the age of thirty three Myra was hospitalized for six weeks after inmates through her from the top floor of the prison Myers. Life became a tug of war between those who loved her and those who hated her one psychologist would describe her as manipulative and devious while the next would praise her work ethic and genuine rehabilitation. Despite her ability to make friends with benefactors like Lord Longford Myra could not sway everyone in her favor. At the time of her imprisonment the minimum sentence for people would been given life sentences could be extended indefinitely if the courts believed the convict still posed a danger to society in January of nineteen eighty five. When Myra was forty three years old her minimum sentence was extended from twenty five years to thirty. This would happen again and again through the remainder of Myers life every time. She neared her parole date, the English courts extended her sentence even worse for Myra new information was about to come to light which would destroy any chances. She thought she had of winning her freedom in nineteen eighty five. Ian Brady allegedly mentioned Pauline read and Keith Bennett's names to a journalist who had come to do an anniversary article about the moors murders. Police had long suspected Ian involvement but had never been able to find their bodies. However after Ian interview hit the press neither, Ian, nor Myra would confess to killing the children for over a year. Pauline and Keith's families waited for news that their babies could finally be put to rest, but their bodies remained lost in November of nineteen eighty six Keith Bennett's mother, even wrote to Myra begging her to help them find their son's body, but Myra ignored the letter until police suggested that helping them find the bodies might go along way toward earning parole. Then she agreed to help Myra left prison onto heavily guarded trips. To Saddleworth more to help police search in late nineteen eighty seven while there, she became disoriented easily and was unable to locate the bodies eventually police realized she had simply used the search trips as an excuse. Us to travel outside of prison with no intention of actually helping. Pauline read and Keith Bennett's families were devastated they appeal to one of my res- biggest supporters a Reverend named Peter topping to speak with her on their behalf on February nineteenth nineteen eighty-seven topping set Myra down and took her confession for seventeen hours. Myra spoke freely of what happened between nineteen sixty three and nineteen sixty five. She finally admitted to helping Ian Brady murder sixteen year old Pauline read and twelve year old Keith Bennett. She also confirmed what police had long suspected that. She had lured the children with her babysitter charm. She also told topping that her brother-in-law David Smith had been entirely innocent for a hundred days a team of local volunteers and police dedicated themselves to searching Saddleworth more for the remains of Pauline read and Keith Bennett, Pauline reads bones were found on July. I I nineteen eighty seven almost twenty four years to the day after she had I disappeared. Keith Bennett's body. However has never been recovered despite four additional widespread searches for him in the last twenty years in two thousand to England's right to extend life sentences indefinitely was challenged by another convict if he won hundreds of prisoners, including Myra would be up for immediate release on parole on November twenty fifth two thousand two that convict won his case freeing multitude of prisoners across the UK, but not Myra in a karmic. Twist Myra Hindley had died just ten days earlier on November fifteenth two thousand two at the age of sixty Hindley died on Friday of respiratory failure. Following a chest infection off the thirty six years in prison ability being kept onto close abatements following. Fizz that someone might attempt to do a home even off death Otake pitches of the coffin to sell to newspapers funeral preparations are on the way. But police refusing to reveal when all-weather funeral will take place the mother of one of a child victims said Hindley's death had brought on no comfortable Hindley who was jailed for her part in to child Motors and later confessed to two more was Britain's longest-serving woman prisoner Charleston. Desmond London in the end, Myra, submissive nature. Ian Brady's distant influence and the abuse. She experienced as a child can never excuse or race. The fact that she voluntarily lured five children to their early and painful deaths for those crimes. She was condemned to live a long life constantly reminded of what she had done to others to lose the freedom. She loved so much and to be remembered forever as the most evil woman. In the UK. Thanks

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