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I'm going to have to get MacKenzie. Bazo call after the show. Best girl. Well, maybe we'll just we'll all share together. I'll work something out. Maybe. His wife of twenty five years MacKenzie. Nice name. They were married when they were. Well, let's say she has been married for twenty five years bazo says about to turn fifty five as birthday is in three days. So got married twenty five years ago when he was thirty day was thirty years old approximately twenty nine years old she MacKenzie. Bezos is forty eight years old now married twenty five years ago. I'm thinking she's in for the biggest pay day in the history of divorce paid is a McKenzie. I I like a good joke. I like long walks on private beaches on private islands that I get to on private airliners. I like space stations and volcanoes and submarines. And eating Komodo dragons at dinner every night, you know, the usual stuff nothing nothing special for me. The richest man in the world, the richest man in the history of the and Michael peercy made an important point here. I think the important point is this imagine how what pain you must be your the richest man in the world, you have airliners scattered airports around the world, you have castles and villas and islands, and you live like a golden God from some ancient Greeks imagination. And still your wife has divorcing you because you're such a pain in the ass. Can you imagine such a thing she's going to what they got like a hundred and forty billion dollars. She's going to end up. Let's just be modest fifty billion dollars. Fidget fifty just go with one hundred billion. She gets half of one hundred billion dollars fifty billion dollar divorce settlement. You can buy a Boeing seven seventy seven custom outfitted on the interior like a four seasons. Sweet for about three hundred million dollars at the Dubai airshow. I saw it online. That's beautiful the seven Boeing seven seventy seven three hundred million dollars and outfit outfitted for you. It's kind of part of the price. And then you gotta have your own seven seventy seven of fly around the world, go places get dinner things like that. I think MacKenzie is going to be a very popular divorce say I don't think I'm in the running anything. I don't think I'm there. Besides my best girls a lot more fun, much better. We're very happy. Billions of dollars would be nice. Put this proves that money can't buy happiness. As Victoria said, it's strangely depressing. Strangely depressing that a a forty eight year old woman would divorce her husband of twenty five years the wealthiest man possibly in the history of the world, certainly in the world right now, and she's going to divorce many way because now how unhappy can you be? I'm guessing she found out things about him. What do you think? I'm thinking, it's not just general, I'm bored. Our house isn't big enough. What kind of complaints can can she have as a wife must be something? Freaky going on. Got to be something weird. And by the way, they announced their their divorce in a tweet. A tweet that had both of their names on it. We wanna make people aware of a development in our lives as our family and close friends. No, I don't think they have any kids at least there's no mention of kids here. Are they have kids? Do you have kids? I don't know if they have kids, I don't think so as our family and close friends know after a long period of loving exploration loving exploration and trial separation. We have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends as very very, very wealthy friends. I just added that we feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years. We have been married to each other. If we had known we would separate after twenty five years. We would do it all again. Yeah. I bet. We've had such a great life together as a married couple. And we also see wonderful futures ahead as parents friends partners in ventures and projects, and as individuals pursuing ventures and adventures little too much of the venture thing going on. I think in the don't you think I have a quick update. Quick update. Jeff Bezos, and his wife have three sons say my three sons one adopted daughter from China really is that right because they really wanted to do it is that right? They have three boys and an adopted daughter from China. Robbie chip and Ernie. I I assume have three. And and then little Alexa, though, on their little girl. Alexa, alexa. What do you think? Alexa, alexis. That came from Jeff businesses favourite girlfriend on the side. What what do you think it is? You know, guys, you think Jeff Bezos says maybe not perfectly faithful and loyal. I I'm thinking if you've got one hundred fifty billion dollars, you do become attractive to certain women. The stormy Daniels of the world and son. Though, the labels might be different. We remain a family, and we remain cherished friends, and our lawyers are going to be very very happy because nobody's ever seen a bonanza and divorce court like this and the history of the world. Mazing amazing. Okay. Let's go. Let's go to a telephone call. Let's go to a Telephone cO. You'll see the names of their kids. They do they have funny names. They called Zirk seas and fly ball weird things because they're California billionaire is after all let's go to let's go to the phones. Let's go to rough AL in Wilmington North Carolina, Rafael, you're on the Chris Plante show. How you doing all friends? I'm great. How about you doing doing great? I have the mother of of fact, check failed last night and asked me love to. So went ahead and the pets at Trump's claim that one third of women are assaulted traveling to the border. Yeah. Let me read off their site says. According to Amnesty International between sixty and eighty percent of female migrants. Migrants are sexually assaulted on the way up here. Correct them by saying that I know it's not one third more than that. Wrong that CBS literally has this other website. They they deleted it because Twitter monster living daylights out of them. You can make the south. I have a solution to the entire illegal immigration problem. You do. Yeah. So, you know, Alexandria, Cortez's is is is totally giving us her wisdom in the last few days about it. Sure. Really? What we gotta do. It says what? All tournament Venezuela, and then number no more people are gonna illegally come in their country. Yeah. Well, that's you know, that's the problem with their thing is is that oh, no walls. No walls the left in the twentieth. Century built walls to keep people in to keep people from escaping. And that's what they call the left. They have they don't have citizens. They have subjects they have slaves. They have laborers, and they build walls to keep them in because everybody tries to escape now south of our border. There's way too much socialism, which is why everybody's poor which is why there's so much crime. Which is why hundreds of thousands of people flee? These be poll countries to try to come to the United States. And and the Democrats here tell us that our country so terrible. And it's so awful, and it's so racist and so- bigger than so unfair there such income inequality and everything is so you don't get free stuff that why would anybody want to come here? They spend their lives disparaging our country yet. We really. We ought to build a wall to keep all the people out who risked their lives and rape and mayhem to get here. And somehow that irony that absurdity never occurs to mcgilla gorilla and the people at CNN and George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton administration official and the people at ABC, and I'm gonna I'm gonna find your your CBS fact,.

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