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Then you look down and you're like oh bruce weber chris webber and then then to mean teams got the whole lady sister gene which eclipses her prediction got mad at sister geeta would they do you're gonna tiv ago the first routers that gotta be bris weber and then it all lady with the scarf or five seven transferred team they'll put to twenty four year olds i couldn't play at other schools oh god aggressive kentucky heads on the the pant did it the pattern of the national championship it'll one team on the left side that i like it i'm not just saying it because they beat ohio state i think it's aga this this is looking favorable for them i do believe in michigan i like michigan but i think if you're like michigan fan you're just kind of lucky at this you know you're lucky to be here that's not to say you don't believe in your team it certainly opened up for michigan michigan's the highest seed left on the left side so if you're doing that sort of thing you would say it's michigan's to lose i think anyone who's watched these games would probably say it's now kentucky to lose and then i would argue gonzaga's probably second because the same sort of points we made me gonzaga beat ohio state which is that they beat ohio state without really three of their best players playing well i mean perkins head perkins almost had a double double with points and assists he was playing but that's not i mean he he he has more scoring within him i on the last part of kind of felt bad for saying he wasn't great because he was he was pretty good but till he didn't do much of anything so i'll stay jonathan williams and do much of anything.

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