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Products there cooking and they're sharing and when you eat a really tasty plate of food like that from those ingredients that's what a chef i think that's what a chef supposed to do share that stuff so i picked charleston south carolina yet big time also and it's not that hard to get to charming and people are really nice people say hello unlike y the to be like two days to just be like in high hi thursday on like pay what do you want like my in a mug me what is it the by daydream lynn hello then i come back here and i'm like hello now like now combat gray thank you guys this episode of the ivy podcast is presented by smartwater what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smart water copies those puffy white clouds in creating vapor dstld purity pure perfection smartwater also has electrolytes which helps give it that clean chris taste clouds will always be the inspiration since the weather's vapor distilled for purity purity you can taste had duration you can field choose smartwater or smartwater sparkling today in at your local retailer that's our show for this week thanks again for tuning in to the icty podcast by ib the social university we are the grad school for life and our mission is to spark worldchanging collaborations by introducing you to the most inspiring people ideas and experiences in the world check us out at ib dot com for life changing advice and gatherings and the foremost thought leaders shaping our world today for more information about the ivy community and to find.

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