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Dot com Trevor Lawrence, the number one overall pick mark out of Clemson made his debut for the Jags in Houston against the Texans and the Texans. Kind of curb Stomp the Jacksonville Jaguars final score 37 to 21. I have to take it on the chin because I was Predicting that the Texans would go and 17. I took the Jags in Survivor pools. We won thinking they were going to be in historically and up team. And even with a rookie QB, making his debut and a rookie head coach, making his debut, the Jags would be just fine. I'd I'd burn a smaller bullet and the survivor pools and say the bigger ones for later that blew up in my face. Thanks to the Texans. They went 37 21. As far as Lawrence is concerned, there was some good He threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, however, only completed 28 or 51 passes and also has picked off three times. So a little loose with the football. I think I was more impressed with Lawrence and his innate Physical ability, and I am kind of disappointed in urban Meyer and his coaching staff and how they were just completely dominated and seemed like they were prepared by David Cully and the Houston staff. So I think Lawrence is going to be really, really good. But I have some questions about Mayer after such a disappointing and lopsided debut. Well, it's It's completely when you make that transition. Not many coaches have gone from college to the NFL. And have had success. Jimmy Johnson was an anomaly. But most guys Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, they struggle and Urban Meyer's showed today that he struggled. Now let me just give you this stat, which I thought was quite interesting for rookie quarterbacks today, uh, including Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Matt Jones and Zach Wilson each through their first career touchdown passes in week one. It marks the for the most rookie quarterbacks to throw their first career touchdown passes in a week. One Since 19 seventies, surpassing in 2012 Robert Griffin, the third Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. So I thought, that's very interesting now. Trevor Lawrence the problem with Trevor Lawrence, and it's not really a Trevor Lawrence problem. His best receivers are DJ chart very good receiver Viscous Channel and Mervyn Jones Jr. They don't have any running game and the outline is well, let's just say not very good to be nice, so he doesn't have that surrounding cast and the Jags are still the Jags. So this isn't on Trevor Lawrence. Not to mention this is a rookie quarterback who threw 51 pass attempts today. Tyler. How many rookie quarterbacks have you seen in their debut? They're gonna throw 50 or more times in their first ever start in the National Football League that usually doesn't equal of victory, and it didn't now he threw three touchdown passes, but On the right side of the ledger. He had three interceptions. I don't blame that all on Trevor Lawrence. I think you nailed it. This is on urban Meyer and his staff. They clearly did not put Their star quarterback, the face of the franchise in a position to succeed, period. Exclamation point. Yeah, I think it's a good point. I was surprised to see Lawrence dropped back 51 times in the game script kind of dictated that as they got down big, but the Houston Texans had an awful And I mean, awful run defense Last season, teams are gassing them week in and week out. I know Travis Etienne was lost for the season, but you still had Carlos Hyde still had James Robinson Robinson was great last year as a rookie, you know, hides reliable veteran. That's why urban brought him in. I thought they lean more on that running game against Houston. But you know, the game did get away. They were down, you know, big kind of early. Um, just not a great debut for Urban Meyer. I think a better one for Trevor Lawrence. Despite what you see in the box score as far as the final score, that he made some throws that were big boy throws Now. You you talked before about the NFC North Division. How about the F C South? How they look today? They went over as well, Uh, NFC West was also pretty nails. We'll see what happens. Yeah, before tomorrow. Yeah, we'll start off tomorrow, but Denver got to win. The chief's got that win as well in the Chargers, go on the road and get a win. Zach Wilson was number two overall pick in the draft. And the Sam Darnel Bowl and Carolina. It's Darnel getting the best of his former team 1914 a low scoring game there. Wilson did throw two touchdown passes to Corey Davis, Um, and was only intercepted once, but he had a late drive that kind of patted the stats. He got to really, really slow start, Donald threw for a touchdown to Robby Anderson. Another former jet ran for one as well. Christian McCaffrey was Christian McCaffrey in the victory. I don't know what I take from that. I think those teams are in similar spots. Maybe Carolina little bit ahead of the New York Jets as Jets are going through a rebuild, but Wilson to to me also flashed the ability and and flashes in spurts that you go. Okay. I see where the Jets took him. Number two overall, would you see from other cannot BYU I loved it. And you know, there was a play Tyler in the game where He was. He got flushed out to his right and I saw this and you saw this time and time again last year at BYU. He got flushed out to his right. And then he found Corey Davis like he was almost in the red zone. He found Corey Davis, and he hit him for about a 22 yard touchdown after basically nothing was open. It was all Zach Wilson finding Corey Davis in the end zone. Then they capitalize getting the two point conversion. After that. I liked what I saw Exact Wilson. I really did. And I thought Hey, if you're the Jets right now, this is the first time you've had a legitimate quarterback. I guess, since Chad Pennington that you actually drafted who looks pretty decent, certainly Sack. Wilson has much better tools and a like an unbelievable arm more than Chad Pennington did, And I think he's much tougher as well. But I like what I saw. I thought he showed some moxie and I'll tell you right now. He certainly looks like the best quarterback in the tri State area because of what you saw today from Daniel Jones and the Giants. I'll take Zach Wilson eight days a week in 10 Times on Sunday over Danny Dimes. It was a gift performance from Daniel Jones promise from Zach Wilson, but certainly some things, uh to shore up but not a bad debut, all in all for Zach Wilson in his first NFL game. Trey Lance was the third overall pick after the Niners traded up to the three spot Lance in a 41 33 victory over the Lions. Through his first touchdown pass to Trench Sheffield Sheffield. Pardon Me, It's a play action, Lance will throw wide open cut by trade shirt field texter. Phone..

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