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That there isn't one what is the moral and ethical difference between prostitution and a one night stand the payment yes that's neither moral nor ethical but let's be honest how some people it is but how many times have you taken a woman on a date and paid for her dinner and her movie just to take her back home it's the same thing you're paying for service no i would argue that in the longterm prostitution is much more affordable yeah go on with the article here from tech dirt the cases according to sergeant john daggett an undercover officer with the indianapolis metro police departments vice unit it's just right up the reason for that is pretty simple the feds closed police the police's best source for leads the online personal site backpage danke says we've been a little bit blind that lately because they shut down back paid i get the reasoning behind it and the ethics behind it however it has blinded us we we used to look at back page as a trap for human traffickers and so it took something that was in the black market and put it even further into the shadows right now human traffickers are basically able to hide even better because back page did have algorithms built into their stuff and they did turn in many human traffickers right to police officers and now the people that are victims of human trafficking are having a harder time leading people know that they're victims because the algorithms and the the key words that would be used by somebody trying to let someone know that there are victim while those would be words similar to what would be used in the ads and so it's harder for them to actually get help right yeah so this has done the complete opposite magin that says just as we noted back page was an incredibly useful tool for police to find human traffickers and fabs and thanks to the do gooders insisting that back page was to blame now back pages gone and the police can't find the traffickers or the pumps anymore this does not seem like the way to stop trafficking it seems like the way to make it more difficult for law enforcement to stop it and then an internet what this means is that now that this has gone into effect we need more laws we need more intrusive surveillance we need to make prostitution more illegal exactly we do that too that way we can come up with all sorts of new ways that we can finally stamp out the world's oldest is it works with twenty thousand gun laws in the country exactly the difference between a prostitute napolitano prostitutes are upfront about what they're willing to do for money there your calls and thoughts welcome eight fifty five four fifty free that's eight five five four five zero three seven three three this is free talk live want revenge on the common housefly well after ten thousand years someone has finally come up with a better way the bug assault a miniaturized shotgun which utilizes ordinary table salt as amunition non toxic.

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