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We you know we we have things like ours cave 1963 date book is missing from the kennedy library why i mean the secret service we know destroyed documents over over reagan and they they they blatantly destroyed him when the assessment wreckage review board requested in in the early nine if they just destroyed and we have the white house the situation on message wong said that they just end up in the morning of a november twenty second and they're missing to the crucially in a very crucial period of to 22nd for the november thirty when they resume again the white house communications agency records you're missing including a tape of ever this would be fascinating to hear this but we had tape of a secret service motorcade radio channel or worried kelemenis talking during third shot i mean i i've never heard of a league and their tapes that elco lbj car in the air force one cart we know that the ah they're still trying to get the tape the healthy getting doco if one of their research is trying to get the ah the unedited from air force one carpet that day because fair we don't know exactly what was said it yeah we know mcgeorge bundy was back in a situation where if you wanna conspiratory is one of my favorite conspirators national security advisor because he he was in a situation an insurance gift cabinet who will very curiously within the air could in a wall on the air to confine back from hawaii daily go to accomplish there and he assured them very early in the afternoon on a couple of hours because there is no conspiracy and they had the right guy initially later i thought have been arrested nothing known about and certainly could not possibly back in washington dc and the situation have known there was no conspiracy where that they have the right guy but that's what he told gifted cabinet so you want to look at a conspiracy author the one by the way who wrote national security action memorandum to seventy three to seventy three which is actually written a day of the assassination and would have never i have been signed by john f kennedy had known epic if you just put is national security act a memorandum to sixty three which delineated if plans for would total withdrawal from vietnam and a seventy three contradict an accord.

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