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Brickbox unlock acclaimed favorites like vera and stonehouse plus the upcoming original drama archy eat the story of kerry grant start use sent up sorry about that seven fifty three tesla is letting some drivers use its autopilot driver assist system for extended periods about making them put their hands on the steering wheel it's a development is on concern from safety regulators national highway traffic safety administration has ordered tesla to tell the many agency vehicles how got a software update making the change and what its plans are for wider distribution the government has been investigating numerous autopilot crashes one deadly crash that may have involved the system happened this month and your fuck county tesla says autopilot in a more sophisticated full self driving system cannot drive themselves and the drivers must be ready to intervene at all times. In 1995 Clint Eastwood directed himself a fin of romance with Meryl Streep now the bridges of Madison county hits signature theater in Virginia. although the show didn't run very long on broadway because of the score and because of the cast it kind of has this almost iconic reputation people are like ah the bridges of Madison County mark Evans plays the Clint Eastwood role of traveling photographer Robert Kincaid while Aaron Davey plays the Meryl Streep role of housewife Francesca score the is by Jason Robert Brown and I remember seeing the original Broadway production 10 years ago and was away blown by it you thought it was a bridge you thought it was the water the show runs now through september 17th at signature theater Jason for l -e -w t -o -p years sports at 25 and 55 powered by Maximus moving people and innovation forward what's going on in the world of tennis Dave Preston? well women's second

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