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Better suited for different purposes. And how do you think about that when you when you're working on Making space either at church or elsewhere in your life. How do you think about that. Like do you think about it in terms of inclusion or is there some other sort of mike metric that that you that you have when you're thinking about that figurative space yeah As cheesy as it is. I like to use the metric of love That is my as much as i am very aggressive very loud very outspoken. Very much that. I'm the smartest person in the whole wide world. I i come from this perspective of like people. People are the way they are for a reason. Not just for the sake of being whatever It's like that dude. In the south. I forget him. He's a lovely black man who befriends. Kkk members and through the power of love gets them to turn over their hoods and not be racist anymore. And i just always took like the whole love. Your neighbor love your god to har- into the extent that i was hoping that people would also I'm as much as i'm like super liberal and super left ear. Whatever people call it these days. I have a lot of people in my life that are conservative or in the middle. Because i get it. I like to tell my friends and family. I understand why you are the way you are. I just think you're not right. Doesn't mean that i'm not gonna have you in my life i just don't you are correct just like you don't think i'm correct but you are not thinking about why i am the way i am. It's like with racism. I understand why people are racist. I understand why people who live in a white homogeneous community are scared of people look differently than them are scared of people who act differently than them who speak differently than them. I understand wising. A phobia exists. I just think that it can be changed..

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