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In the name of jesus in the old testament he established a system of sacrifice to offer the mercy grace the sacrifice of lambs and goats mercy is one pardon is given even though punishment is deserved and grace is the undeserved unamerican favor and blessing and love of god for us so in the old testament system of sacrifice god established away for a toning sacrifice to be made for the forgiveness of sends a sacrifice is one we offer something precious for a reason and a tony moment is one we satisfy some one for the offense committed god said the life of a creature is in the blood sacrifice is my gift says the lord to make atonement at the altar blood makes a toman for your life so through the whole old testament covenant time god's people would worship on the day of atonement cold yang kapur once a year the high priest would take to male goats he would sacrifice one and carry the blood into the holy of holies and sprinkle the blood on the cover of the ark of the covenant cold the mercy seat for a toll meant for the sins of all god's people the second goat he would take the edge of the village and put his hand on the head of the goat to transfer the guilt and shame of all the people and that go would travel off into the wilderness as the scapegoat bearing guilt and shame away all of this of course foreshadowed the death and resurrection of jesus for us that's why when jesus came on the scene john the baptist looked at jesus coming for baptism in the jordan river and said behold the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world many passages in the new testament make this connection between a toning sacrifice by the bloodshed and the forgiveness of sins and the reconciliation between god's people and god that's why jesus said enough he twenty six this.

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