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Moving on to New Hampshire I'm Carmen Roberts fox news seven democratic presidential hopefuls take to the debate stage tonight just days ahead of Tuesday's New Hampshire primary meantime after three days of caucus chaos all of the Iowa results are finally end showing just one tenth of a percent difference between people to judge and senator Bernie Sanders both declaring victory was fantastic news I think we have an excellent chance to win here in New Hampshire we did very well we won in Iowa still no official winner declared due to the tight margin and the regularity the six appear on intentional but not all of them are minor it is possible we could have a winner here in New Hampshire before Iowa get settled if it ever does DNC chair Tom Peres is asking the state party to retain this and review all of the worksheets from each caucus site to ensure accuracy it's not clear if the I would Democratic Party will do that both would a judge in Sanders are declaring victory fox's Ellison barber in New Hampshire and a recent poll there shows that senator Sanders is leading the president's heading to North Carolina today for his first speech on the road since his acquittal yesterday he took a victory lap with Republican supporters at the White House president trump describing the impeachment effort in his own words phony rotten deal by some very evil and sick people the president specifically Kali now Democrat house leaders and some former members of the FBI it was corrupted was dirty cops the president also adding now we have that which is weird I never thought a word which sounds so good it's called total acquittal Democrats are also putting their spin on the impeachment efforts no one believes it did nothing wrong senator Bob Casey telling fox news they brought wrongdoing to light tomgram fox news America's listening.

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