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Here in washington the senate foreign relations committee was set to vote tonight on president trump's pick for secretary of state mike pompeo now the vote appears to be in a holding pattern npr congressional reporter kelsey snell is following the latest and joins us to sort out what's going on hi kelsey what's happening with this vote what basically happened is that a bunch of senators just couldn't get there in time they're waiting for a senator johnny isakson to get to the senate to vote he's expected to vote for the pompeii oh nomination now usually it's not that big a deal if somebody isn't there they can have proxies but with something like this with a nomination that has this big of a deal they they have certain rules and certain precedents so they are sending in the hearing room right now debating whether or not they can vote and it's also partly because of rand paul earlier today you and i were talking about this as a potentially history making vote where pompeo might not be supported by the committee and then rand paul changed his mind tell us what happened just a few minutes before the committee was supposed to meet rand paul started tweeting about all of the conversations he's had today several conversations he's had today with president trump about pump heo and in particular about pompeo's position on the iraq war and so rand paul was very upset that pompeo had supported the iraq war and he wanted to have assurances that pompeo had changed his mind so he went on twitter said he had those furnaces later in the hearing he said that he had additional assurances that pompeo wouldn't be seeking any big changes to surveillance rand paul is a big opponent to gathering databases of surveillance so he he says that he got all of the information that he needed and he was ready to go pompeo's generally a controversial nominee for reasons that go beyond the iraq war and surveillance remind us what some of the other issues have been democrats have been concerned about a number of issues namely that pompeo it has been a proponent of military strikes in action in iran and in north korea he has changed his mind and.

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