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Forty six percent according to this four he's trying to help you out eighty four percent of jumped out in the page to me sometimes because every we always talk about peace diet with young generation eighty four percent for the four five years is that four percent from the first five games a year ago is that we were basing it on big numbers the first six game early indication helps the games are close helps they were exciting and i think people are looking forward to this team more than some of you you're looking at the statue looking at the numbers the ratings are up so the whole i guess you know race to change the game speed it up pitch clock this and just to appeal to that younger demographic in the end does it even matter the pace again just you know hey let's get a pitch clock you know nothing's really changed the democrat this argument before we talk about your cutting ten minutes off a game i don't know if you cut ten minutes of the game and also people say oh no i'll watch baseball again i don't know is that a direct correlation to if you cut ten minutes everyone's coming back i don't think there's any one silver bullet but i i believe that the pace of game is such that it can be improved pitcher and it's it's the inaction that we talked about it's it's it's the inaction between the action if if inning can start two minutes after the last picture of the previous in english is two and a half minutes that's a good thing so we've done that this year if we can limited number amount visits no people say well it doesn't matter that much but i was watching games last year where the yankees were we're bringing up sanchez every other pit.

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