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Does does that uh that was odd okay we're well we okay now can you hear me okay that was weird i we don't ah i got two guys are going to go what the heck also has playing this and then also i just couldn't hear that on my already headphones must have some jiggling my headphones and i'm not remiss up on the radio with with them but we are back who don't know what happened he arrived maybe that maybe santa's santa's let he has conspiracy theories my sandro trump is the alumina anti confirmed but my daughter and son always are like ending that's more like that stupid illuminated signal they go luminary confirmed i loved and fourteen year old falloon nettie confirmed we've said it in public and people with guys like they think my could actually might believe that order oh my god we um coming up next this is the case of again not using this head of on he gets a lot of stuff stolen from from his card will tell you about that next him and then touch reminded my buddy coming up at eleven fifteen talking about this new tax bill from trump does it school has gone a mess with our home prices some people are saying it will but man so fast and then texas law shield by how to protect ourselves and whether we really need to have an opinion from the attorney general today on whether or not we carry churches that's at eleven thirty all that next chris krocsko wbap i am my mix shan florist sending flowers.

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