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The lobo institute, former U.S. Marine and paramilitary operations officer at the CIA as well. Let's get over to Nathan Hager. He's in Washington D.C. he's got your world national news. They had a breaking update on the detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan gerskovic in Russia. He will be detained for alleged espionage for at least two months triggering a new confrontation between Moscow and Washington. The 31 year old American was arrested by federal security service agents in the urals this morning he was brought to Moscow where a district court ordered him held in a pretrial detention center until at least May 29th at followed a hearing that was classified as top secret The White House is condemning gershkovitch's detention in the strongest terms. It says the State Department has been in direct contact with Russia to try to gain consular access to Evan gershkovich. Kentucky's governor says the community is wrapping its arms around fort Campbell after that Black Hawk helicopter crash overnight that killed 9 soldiers. We love all the people that live here and that work here. They are part of our community of who we are. Their loss today is our loss. Governor Andy beshear of Kentucky spoke at the home of the 101st airborne after those two black hawks crashed during a night training mission, the crash is still under investigation. A national transportation safety board team is headed to Raymond Minnesota after an overnight derailment BNSF says 22 cars on a train carrying ethanol and corn syrup jumped the tracks and four of them caught fire. Now a half mile evacuation zone is set up, but Minnesota governor Tim walz says there's little threat of an explosion or something called one 17 J's, which is the state of the art that they're encapsulated in this. So whether burning out there, they're not going to explode. And so do governor Tim walz says that NTSB team should arrive in Minnesota this afternoon. Global news, 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over a 120

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