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You can't say they'll maybe you need some Personnel help unless of course he comes to a as a Moment of clarity that he says, you know, what I've been seeing things one way for a while. The game's changing a bit. I'm going to lean on people more than I do more than I have in the past and it's possible he can kind of come to that conclusion on his own now, but that that's what would have to happen for Bill to not be the end-all-be-all decision-maker GM. I think the biggest thing one of my biggest gripe with build a GM is not necessarily a dog. Visit is for some other people, but my biggest gripe with build a GM is a he's been drafting one way for so long at this point because he had Tom Brady. So everybody else around when he goes into a giraffe. He is not I don't think that bill necessarily goes into a draft and looks for that stud Blue Chip difference-making type of player. We're not talking about a guy that's going to come in and fill a room that we're talking about a pro bowl All Pro type of talented transcended type of player. I think for four years. He knew that he had the quarterback he had Brady and all he had to do was kind of just fill the roles and fit that fit his scheme draft players that fit what they want one guy to do particularly in the entire puzzle piece. Now, I think he needs to be you know similar to how I always say, you know, you see the forest for the trees with the scheming and stuff like that. He needs to see the forest through the trees and realize it's not about finding a bunch of different role players and fitting them all together underneath Brady anymore now, they need to go out there alone. And find four or five guys outside of Stephon Gilmore. How has Jake Bailey punting the football? What is this team have you know, who is the blue-chip player on this team? Who is the stud game on offense right now? Who is this stud player on defense right now outside of Gilmore. I guess maybe you can argue that the stud players on offense are on their offensive line, but they need skilled talent and quarterback that are studs. Not not left guards. Right and I love Joe to me, but that's not he's not moving the needle in terms of the wins and losses of the team. So that's what I think is the biggest difference is that he needs to approve or a little bit differently and see okay. We can't just make a whole up team up on jot of a bunch of role players, right? We need to make a you know, start from the beginning and work on our Blue Chip top five down because ultimately if you look across the board across the NFL and you put the ten best players on the Patriots against the ten best players on every other team in the league. I mean, where do the Patriots ranking Ranking, I mean It's gotta be extremely low that's a group of players that they need to work on. I think that they have guys that can fill roles and guys that can do what the Patriots do right outside of the top-tier talent, but they don't have a Brady. They don't have a Gronkowski. They only have one Gilbert that that's what you really need to see him change his draft strategy. Yeah, and and that's the thing is for however many years. It's just been I know a good football player. I see one but right, you know, it could be the the game has evolved..

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