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Welcome back to the ink sky yard podcast. The JD drew contract, right? That was a huge failure. But then in 2007, JD drew hit a Grand Slam to bring the Red Sox to the World Series. Can we think of any others? The Red Sox trading Manny Ramirez. Yeah, trading your beds player and franchise history, but no Jason bay's there, and he's somehow better than Manny Ramirez. The Red Sox trade Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett to the Dodgers in a complete fire sale. They're giving up. They're waving the white flag while it doesn't matter. It gives them the financial flexibility to sign 7 bad players in the 2013 off season Shane victorino who was never good again after 2013. Johnny gums, who would never get again after 2013, Mike Napoli, who was never good again after 2013. Koji O'Hara, who was never good again after 2013, and they all lined up to win the 2013 World Series. I am beyond done with Red Sox fans acting as if every time they get a magical break, it is the first time that ever happened. I'm not saying Red Sox fans aren't owed something. Red Sox fans and you're going to want to clip this Red Sox fans. Red Sox fans are a good fan base. They're very passionate about good winning baseball. And when they need to bring the noise, they do. That's good. They are, however, Teflon, nothing sticks to them, they feel no pain and they create their own pain for situations that don't merit pain. And they continue to be rewarded in differing cycles with championship ish endings and good mojo endings. And Yankee fans pour their heart and soul into this team and never end up with the ending. Not it's been it's been 12 years. The regime is the same, the players are different. The regime can reload up to a certain point and pull people together and end up in playoff esque scenarios and end up flatlining again when the moment is at its biggest and brightest. And like I said earlier, I can't wait to see who the Yankees acquire and sign this off season who ends up disappointing while the Red Sox sign or acquire a lesser option who ends up succeeding. That's what I can't wait to. How is Corey Seager going to fail? Is he gonna start swinging and missing more after we sign him? Has Trevor's story gonna fail. Is he gonna sign a 7 year contract and then start arguing with the New York media and then come down with plantar fasciitis? Like, what is the outcome? What's gonna happen? It's always exciting to see. Are the ink he's gonna trade Luke Voight within the American League and he's gonna end up hitting 47 homers for the Oakland a's next year while the Yankees have DJ le mayhew at first base hitting two 64 with 12 homers. Is that what's going to happen? That's pretty interesting. Are they going to trade geo Rochelle? Does somebody want him? And then we're going to go, we have enough infield death. We don't need you or shallow, and then Corey Seager and Andrew Velasquez are the left side of the infield by June. Is that what's going to happen? It's always intriguing, which brings me to Aaron Boone versus not even versus Alex core. Just Aaron Boone in general, who say out like he was gone as soon as this game ended, but then again, this organization only seems to care about getting exactly where they got yesterday..

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