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Money for the school, now I know I know that we we've talked in the past about other schools. University Hawaii right near problems and UNLV. Of course I would think that we are coming on. The forefront of something, that's going to be really big for UNLV but it's. Just gonna take some time well I I hope, so, I mean you go to. The games, now the crowds are you know we're not even filling up Sam Boyd but you know now you're going to, move into a sixty five thousand seat. Facility, right I think the interest initially is, going? To be there just to say hey new facility. Let's go to the, game let's let's kinda get some things going but it but it all comes down to you got to put a product on the field right that's going to be exciting and keep people captivate, I and I think and I. Think that will help with recruiting. Because you know than anybody when you have a STAN sheriff center. And you have a great facility where somebody. Can actually get. A feel for well you know the raiders play here this, is going to be great anticipating a high schooler, from LA or from San Francisco or wherever maybe Miami coming up here could impress them Well, the other thing too in we talked about this last week with the former president Lynn Jessop saying he'll he was projected within seven years we'd be in a power five conference well to, be, a power, five you gotta have. A nice facility rank for your. Football program and then your football programs gotta be something that's worthwhile for you the the the drive the school UNLV, right now Get away with a good basketball program in beginning, to a. Power five, schools I mean, look at Kansas, Kansas? Football cerebral right but your, basketball is really really good All right well right now we're we're struggling with both programs so the. Main programs that you really have to try to step it up and I think. You, know they've got the right people in place coaching wise to get it done there's progress being made co Sanchez is, really excited about, this season, I in, in yeah I talked to. Him, for a couple of minutes after we got, off of the fundraising. Issue that I misspoke robot and he's, like he's, saying you know, we finally got, some doubts yes and it's not an issue. Were you know, for player, goes down they've gotta make three player just moments you know move a guy maybe from. Offense? The defense and and and do some things but you know now they they're going to be able. To replace that player, in even have a backup for replacement right so he's he's getting, to the. Point where, he's giving out, all the scholarships, that? He has available he's got, some depth And, he. Even said it in which I. Felt. Was, kind of fun he goes offense Louis we're gonna be fine he is we need to. Be. A little. Bit, better defensively and, that would be the difference. In in the season with with with where they're going and hopefully get to get it at six win and get a bowl game yeah I think that's the key getting in. These bowl games and also getting the fan support because we just saw what happened. With, the Golden Knights yes this whole city just turned into Golden Knights didn't matter if you like the flyers Now Rangers, okay now you're, all in, on the, Golden Knights they need to. Do, that everybody listening to you need to do, that with UNLV as. Well hey it's okay if you like, Miami or, you like UCLA, USC boy you're, here in Vegas helps support UNLV as well. Because somehow some, way I, kind of feel like they've been overlooked where the Golden Knights came in bam everybody's golden. Night? Fans young Lee right well I think the success that the Golden Knights had was not typical of. An expansion team no No Town this town has been waiting for something like that since you'll tart tart, steams and it shows you that when you have a, product that's a good. Product people come out and support you. Were what we've gotta do is we've, got we've got to get people that are willing to grow with the programs as as they come as they as they start playing and getting better and. Better so I think that's a good. Point I, mean I think you the Golden Knights were kind of an. Anomaly, yeah and but a great one don't get me..

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