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Some sports news. It's it's going to be a very busy day in English Premier League. It is indeed three teams involved Julian in the chase for the top four Champions League places all in action on Sunday. We'll the in-form team. Of course, he's Monday United currently fourth and the point and the place of asked all they play against each of the today at the Emirates United, of course, are coming off the back of that memorable. Comeback win in the Champions League against PS g in the in the week on Wednesday. We'll Chelsea can also move into the top four. If results go their way, and they beat wolves will live a pulled. They've got the chance to cook. Man city lead at the top of the Premier League when they play against Burnley unfilled barely seventeenth in the league. But yoga club won't be playing a show in any complacency now though as his side look to chase pep Guardiola city. We are in a position we like to be will be like the position before it's not a problem. We always said we wanted to be in position to to fight for the top spot in the league, and we are still in. And that's all what we need. To be positive to be optimistic to be excited in a very positive way about the the the challenge and all that stuff. But it's our only problem this weekend is Burnley you mentioned pep Guardiola. James what about reports that he'd been linked with the vendors interest in this Julian we had been in the week. But reckons it is now impossible for enslavement city to join you unless he sacks. And I think we'll all agree that that is. Reports in Italy had suggested that he was in line to replace Massimiliano Allegra ensuring this summer and signed a four year contract with the city boss will he moved quickly to stop that speculation when he was speaking after his side's three one home win over what for yesterday, I know going to you interest two more years. Here's I want to stay.

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