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Tired, remove the price bag and breathe. Normally, you probably noticed that depressed. Take less effort in. You'll feel more relaxed. Never heard that before ever. Sounds weird. Just keep a bag of rice next to your bed. Interesting. That's interesting. I've never heard that before I've never tried it. According to a medium post by Sharon, ackman, a two minute technique first appeared in print in nineteen Eighty-one in book called relaxing win championship performance. And whatever you do by Lloyd bud winter. That's good name. Lloyd, bud winter how you doing? I'm Lloyd bud winter. Could teach you sleep. Winter pen, the self-help book to eight athletes, dealing with injuries intention before competitions. But the independent also reports that many members of the US army used the technique to help them fall asleep. When in situations that are less than peaceful such as on battlefields. According to ackman ninety six percent of those who use the technique ended up falling asleep faster within six weeks of practice, novelist. Michael grat house tried to technique for fast company. He writes that it took around one week before he noticed a decrease in the amount of time. He spent waiting to fall asleep. That's a great way to put it waiting to fall asleep. Because that's essentially what it is. I can't do anything about it here. I'm just gonna wait. You can try this at home, and it doesn't require any special equipment or supplements. And it's broken down to a five step process. All right. So focused on relaxing, the muscles in your face, including your jaw and tongue as well. As the muscles around your eyes, do not tense these areas. All right. So muscles in your face, your jaw tongue muscles around your eyes focused on relaxing. Those can that's your first step. Second step, relax and drop your shoulders as far down as they'll go and then move onto your upper and lower arms. I the left side. And then the right? Okay. So the shoulders dropped down and then move onto the upper and lower arms drop those down, relax. Exhale relaxing your chest. And then move onto relaxing, the muscles in your legs, including your thighs and calves. And spend at least ten seconds trying to clear your mind before thinking about one of the following mental images. See this might help me out too..

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