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For the latest story that broke just before the Golden Globes, courtesy of the Atlantic. Was a story that we anticipated for very long time about Bryan singer and a number of men coming forward and saying that when they were young girl that they had been sexually assaulted at the hands of Bryan singer. And do we wondered at the time if we would continue to hear that story gather steam and be spoken about and has shown to not have done. So this is the Colleen and Bradley show mytalk one zero seven one streaming live at mytalk one zero seven one dot com. Everything entertainment Colleen Lindstrom, Bradley trainer. So I've been listening to crazy days and nights podcasts, anti lawyer. And he did a an episode Bryan singer. And he does it with the guy who did the film. Remember that film open secret, which by the way, I have not seen. It's a documentary. Oh, I haven't seen have you seen? I've watched the house of it. And I will say that the documentary is available on YouTube gun. And he Andy lawyer has been having a conversation with him on his podcast about the open secret, which is Bryan singer. And you know, they they discuss kind of like, it's a little inside baseball. He so I'm not going to say you need to rush out and hear it because you've got two people who are sort of have their ears to the ground. And they've got a lot of sources who are talking about things, and they talk very much about, you know, why certain publications are talking about it in certain other ones are not talking about it, and what has prevented certain media outlets from dealing with it. You know, there was this whole question about why the Atlantic picked up the story after g q put it down. And that has something to do allegedly with the amount of money that somebody owns in a particular company, blah, blah, blah, you don't care, but are bunch of other things to talk about why people aren't talking about. Right. So as I was listening to that it just begs the question this guy has had allegations of sexual misconduct. Conduct and just terrible inappropriateness in the workplace since since nineteen ninety. And if you wanna go to his Wikipedia page, you can see the allegations laid out in a timeline. And you know, there are allegations going back to the nineties than the two thousand two thousand fourteen two thousand seventeen now the two thousand nine hundred ninety. Allegations in it begs the question, why why are we not talking about here is a guy who has been accused of? Okay. I just think of like Al Franken Al Franken sitting US Senator accused of inappropriate behavior, not even sexual assault. Right. Don't think. Inappropriate lewd, bad behavior. Was forced out of his job as a sitting US Senator who had been elected by the majority of his constituents. He was done for all intents and purposes. And that was within a span of a couple months. Yeah. From the allegations coming to light. And here you have one of the most powerful people in Hollywood who's been able to continue and has defenders in high places speaking out publicly on his behalf as early as late as this week. Yeah. Who has not been held to account? And while certainly people have been talking about it. Sure, it has not had a profound effect on his on his career ability to do his job. Yeah. He's still he's on the payroll for like what ten million dollars for a project and upcoming project and the head of that project has said, yeah, I know he's still worst going forward with that full steam, add he'll still be making that money and to your point, Bradley. You're right. It's the that people are talking about it. But they aren't the people that matter in terms of making an impact on his career because he can still make money in Hollywood for the people who are earning the money. It's the people underneath who are who have who have no decision making power. All that said. It's like we do though right? Like, we do have decision making power because we're the consumers, but it's. But that would require all of us to get on the same which is just sort of like a ham handed or back word sounding way of doing things. Normally, you know, I mean just just name the people whose careers have evaporated in an instant, right or wrong justified. Oregon's mostly justified as far as I'm concerned. And I'm sure you would agree when you say names like Roseanne when you say names like Bill Cosby when you say names like Harvey Weinstein like these all. We understand. Yeah. And and you can disagree with them. But you understand sort of how this all went down in a pragmatic way. You're like, well, no company wants to tie themselves and constantly have this storyline. Brought up. So you may call them shallow superficial for doing it. But at least you can understand their rationale for not wanting to constantly have disgusting. Controversial stories brought up in defense of a person that they're working with. Right. So then why Bryan singer? That's the thing that I don't understand unless it's is it because he's gay which I know sounds weird to say. But when you think about it like he's used and other people have used the sort of thing like like, it's because this is not about him being attracted to men. This is him being attracted to children. Yeah. Honestly, age boys. Yes. I mean, some of his victims we well. I mean, the very first victim that's outlined in the in the article in the Atlanta. I believe was fourteen at the time that he was sexually assaulted by Bryan singer, fourteen years old that's a child, and you really get a feel from his story of the elaborate grooming methods that Bryan singer used and he could leverage it because he was able to make people he had he had star power in Hollywood. He could say I wanna put you in a movie, and that was attractive to a young fourteen year old, of course. And then they didn't know what world they were getting into. And so he could manipulate things in such ways that they wouldn't know that it wasn't normal to be put in this area on sat alone, and then he would come into the room, and he would have his way with them and the shame that that brought on. I mean, you he you're right. It's about children that he was victimizing. Yeah. And I. I don't know. I think it all has everything to do with the fact that he's still a commodity. He is still make money even more disturbing. When you think of the fact and Holly jump in like the fact that it is children versus say. I mean, I just think again about like Harvey Weinstein, he did horrible things, and he essentially raped women, which is, you know. I'm not trying to under. I'm not trying to do apples to apples or like competitor hearing this year. But in a way, I would say like in my list of the dangers of a person to society a person who preys on children is at the top. So therefore, you would want to be focusing your energy on removing that threat from the job. You know, what I'm saying you would want to remove that person from a place where you could continue to do that kind of damage. Yes. At the very least, I think with Bryan singer. And it's just speculation totally on my part. Is that the difference between Bryan singer and people like maybe Bill Cosby Harvey Weinstein is that there is a network of people involved in the Bryan singer allegations that are power players in Hollywood, and nobody is willing to put themselves out there too. If if they don't want to be Associated Cement want to be associated with it. Maybe they went along with this stuff. Maybe they were complicit in it may be they actually participated in some of these things. Too. So I think there's a power network involved. Perhaps in Bryan singer in a way that Bill Cosby he had the same power network. But that power network was active thirty years. Right. So there was like a breakdown. So there is a breakdown a natural aging of that network of protection of Bill Cosby, and it's very much active because you know, if you read you were talking about listening to crazy days and nights dot net. Bradley, the podcast will on the blog a lot of there's a lot of implication that you know, there's a lot of people in Hollywood big Hollywood names. That would also the Domino's would then fall and people are conducting themselves perhaps well like all things and like every good net flicks drama, it ends up having to do a lot more with people's own investment and investment in protecting their own selves..

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