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Welcome to clinical hats. We're real working. Dentists talk real dentistry. Sit back relax. Tighten your meiring. Prepares to be clinically. Act what is up clinical hack listeners. And welcome back to another episode. This zack minors coming to you from kansas city. And with me as always i have my trusty go host actor kevin. Hair fryer kevin. What's up man. Hey i'm just a living dream here. How about you buttering. Your whose dream on dream. Michael jordan's dream someone's drinking. Wow someone has a dream like mike. How okay sure it on or not. I scored a guest premium talent shifted. We gave this guy. I i don't know but are where we overdrawn on her budget Most people most people that have that have Subscribe to the speed of probably heard of this guy guessing because they probably don't listen to us primarily anyway Welcome to the podcast. Dr jason lipscomb of dental hacks fame. What's going on you. Hugh poor bastards say that. yeah. I think so. Sure feed man. I don't know what they want the boss. You're the boss. Where did you say all without him. Just on the on the deep deep payroll here you know. Just throw me a bone. Just team b team. I feel feel bad that my ugly faces on your podcast. You put the effort into it and then it's good thing it's good thing it's radio it's raining so it's all good definitely having pays for that not not easy for live but the face for radio kevin what he got tonight so You know were recording a podcast allen..

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