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Because they all of this family of the meal six thousand all near on all rail sea the whole sure sure sure what would you call would you call francis on boost kirch what does that mean wash the binion a to begin our all boys an outing boys and who have seen it but it's been while he talked mazda ask him buddhist stretch okay okay you actually being boys and i really want to see this fight i have to say i really i really do want to see it but i'm happy you're back there will slow up lowell known for you gotta find book bindu though one was some talk findings eighty s but it's not done yet and i don't know what's going on with at van on august nineteen you're a you can watch mayweather mcgregor we are watchful in chicago mcgregor mayweather like for the japec alike that it's who's who's your pick todd on all along now all awoko will mcgregor but all this will be a tour around fire song is guests will be mutual wrong functional he badly go far rounds land psalm in five some hissy okay let's leave it at that there could get to talk to you again i'm happy about this news as low bombed i must say when i heard you say the you're done in the cage in the i dunno i feel like you've got allow more work to do but i will say i thought you know maybe just need some time because you keep saying he wants a time off the bring you back you're such a big drop people love you so much they keep ponyback now i think you need to be a little more selfish give me some time let me he'll up let me get my head right.

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