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One of the things calling I'm trying to do with this podcast and this show is, you know, I started a social enterprise a few years ago, humor for humanity, where you can actually use entertainment and comedy and, you know, the one person shows or podcasts for purposes beyond just the entertainment value. So for the people watching or listening wherever you are, we're gonna have a link here in the show notes that you can make a donation to a sober house here in Malden, Massachusetts, a friend of mine started it a few years ago. This is an interesting thing calling. This gentleman for years, he worked for the post office. We call him pat the mailman. He worked for the post office for like 35 years. He retired and he said, I've always wanted to a sober house. For guys, in this case, men come in out of early recovery. You know, you have to pay for these soba houses. Unfortunately, there's different formulas for each one. This one, anything we raise is going to go to scholarships for people who want to get sober, need a place to stay, but don't have the bank accounts because so many people are burnt their bridges just professionally and with their family lives. So that link to the humanity will be in the show notes here. So Colin, I am excited, so thank you again for that. And thanks for your support of this show and humor for humanity. Would love to come back. I would love to come back. Yeah, next time you come into a Boston, would love to have you. Talk about some other subjects. Anything else you want to let us know Colin about either your process or the new show, what do you hope for people to take away from your shows? I mean, honestly, I'm hoping that if I could get to a point to really have solutions because you know, comedy's fun because so many committees, they do their act, and there's a solution sometimes in their joke. And I'm like, that would actually work. And that's the fun part too, as you know, of comedy, you will famous for always saying, how about do this, take this group and put them there. And you have all those, that's the kind of stuff that I love in comedy personally. You always had those great ones. By the way, one of the best jokes was it wasn't the solution one, but it was in that same set, where you go, folks. Nobody wants to register for a gun. It takes two weeks to get a phone. Right. But that's what I love about you. Instead of somebody scolding people, you're going, here's how I feel, but here's why you're listening to me. Because anybody can say, I disagree with this. You're making people laugh and going, oh yeah, it does take a long time to get a phone.

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