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Grail road. The locomotion for locomotion is an interesting song. And that it appeared on the American top five three separate times each in different decades. It was also the second song to reach number one by two different acts in the US. Interestingly enough that I was go away little girl who win by Gerry Goffin and Carole king. For grandfather railroad is rumored the decision to record the cover came about simply because someone was whistling while in the studio. Team traffic and weather together on the eighth. Sponsored by the Berman auto express store. Here's Julie Cronin. No delays on the Edens and the Kennedy now just has the delay approaching Cumberland twenty three minutes into downtown thirteen from the junction outbound is twenty up to the airport. The express lanes are closed and will remain closed until five o'clock tomorrow morning eastbound on the O'Hare extension. Still has heavy traffic from the terminals to Mannheim. Inbound on the Eisenhower slow Ashland to the burn interchange. Thirty two minutes. Three Ninety-two downtown nineteen for Mannheim out on his delay free. No problems inbounder outbound on the Stevenson, Dan. Ryan inbound is heavy from Roosevelt on in nineteen minutes. Ninety history to downtown outbound is clear fifty seven the Bishop Ford. No delays. No delays north or southbound on lakeshore drive and the tri-state's looking good. Jane, Addams, eastbound and westbound delay free. Reagan Veterans Memorial also looking good tristate. No delays route three ninety looking good as well. No delay. As in and on north west, Indiana, unless you're on the Indiana toll road where both directions are slow between the West Point toll plaza in Indianapolis boulevard with roadwork traffic is sponsored by the Berman auto express store. The new Berman auto express store is the expressway to buy your next us car. One hundred percent online just select your used vehicle get instant upfront pricing and the delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign. See over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM AccuWeather forecast. We'll see some increasing clouds tonight with some rain possible after midnight, low forty one degrees tomorrow rain.

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