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What's so crazy is that they walk this line between being real songs that somebody would put out in the nineties fun actually kind of making us aware of some of the ridiculous things that we might have thought but also being just good enough to be to make it on an album but you understand why it didn't make it as a hit like how do you do that. You know you understand when you're hearing it. Why didn't make anything one other thing or one of the things that people love is the fact that these women are realizing just how sexist the system was the music industry like. We're talking about the lyrics but you know the way they're mar mail manager treated them the way. The record industry treated them. Was that something important to you. This feminist take on girl groups and the women who were in them. What's crazy is i. Don't know that. I was so aware of it until we started singing these songs and and talking about it. I think what's crazy. Even more crazy is that i didn't even know that it had really affected my life while i was shooting it. I was actually in a girl group. That had the same experience. And i didn't even think to mention it. To any of my cast mates. I knew that i was in a girl group. I mean i knew that. We didn't make it even as far as girls five back in the late nineties. For whatever reason. I didn't recognize how relevant my story was. That's just how blinded we are about the culture that we kind of have grown up in. I mean even while i was part of a show that was spoofing it. I was not aware that this actually happened in my life. It's crazy to think of just how unaware we are of the bias in now a few few of the characters in girls five ever for know their one hit or after the nineties. They leave music. You know the character gloria. Dentist don runs a restaurant in your career. Did you ever have a moment when you thought you know you do your dentist turn. Oh my gosh. All the time. Every day i came up in this career asking. If this isn't going to happen kill it. I just feel like there's something tragic about people spending their lives trying to do something especially in in the arts. If it's not going to happen. Because i feel our skills are so transferable. I just always felt like. I could be a really good teacher. I could be a real. I thought i could be a really good lawyer. And then i married one and i realized that the thank god. That didn't happen. Because i it's much harder than i thought but i really do believe there are so many ways to be valuable in the world. That has nothing to do with standing on a stage in this capacity. It's so fun. It's so wonderful to do it so powerful. I would do it as a hobby. If if no one would pay me to do it but there are so many other things that i could do i never ever ever wanted to take the stance on life that this is all i could do and so i was always ready and i'm ready today like if this is it. What other place. Can i be valuable in this world and wiki. I don't know that she's thinking that when she shooting geese at the airport. I think she's just trying to survive but i think she understood that she had value wherever she was she probably would be in a different place. One thing you did as an actor in new york was work on one life to live. How long were you on one life to live. I was on one life to live for four years. It was one contract and it was such a brilliant training ground. I i should say. It was like getting another master's degree in something it was it was..

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