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Song? Oh, it's just the Elton John. It's Dale Dan, but you're on the air. Is this the bitches back? No. What the fuck's on is this? It was Elton John. And you hit the poster. Barrel, I bail out of the airplane, right? The last second. What is it? Where's the bitches back? Bitch is back. It's been too long since I did this. Well, that's what she did. Last night. That was good. That's like working though. Now I feel like it's just some work. You know, because you had to be you had to be right there in between the records and you had to get it right the first time because it was live radio. And sometimes that POP they'd give you, you gotta do a weather at 22 after. And you'd say, well, I've got a 7 second intro. There used to be a guy on wvf years ago named bud ballou. Wv Framingham Boston. That guy you could throw any song at him and he came up with the most creative things to say. You don't know where he's coming from. Always hit the post. It was amazing. But I didn't get three minutes between each record and knowing what the next record is and how long the intro to be able. It's much more difficult off the cuff. As long as you know what the song is. You want to try them again now that you know what they are? No, because that would be too easy. Oh. Yeah, that would be too easy. We'll come up with some more for next week. All right. Hitting the post here on the program. Did I mention, yes, I did. Did I mention doctor Leonard? Did I mention a vinia Josh? At least we did the part of the program that's the most important. And I did mention my friend pecker had coy, right? Yes, you did. Okay, well, let's get into a couple of weird nightmares ahead. This is these are real live nightmares. Why are you checking your watch, Ben? Because Joe Biden at a funeral? This is like the longest episode we've ever done already. How long is it? It looks like 43 minutes Mike. I will get this done. 'cause I gotta go to price chopper. We'll get this done. Good in a shift. I was on the phone with CVS for 45 minutes. Longer than this podcast. I called up they sent me a text or your prescriptions. I have a question, which one is it or whatever? So I call them and it says an associate will be with you right away as soon as possible. And then hold them on hold 20 minutes later. Okay, hang up. I call them back. I'm on hold for 20 more minutes. This is awful. What does thank God it's not something important. I got recycled into this machine. And every minute they're saying. If you need to have your COVID vaccine and every minute they have so I heard it 40 times basically in 40 minutes. Awful. And I think CVS a big company, they're making a lot of money. They got a lot of locations. You know, they're huge. They can't have somebody answering the phone. Drugstore? Anyway, so I wanted to complain about that. And I will never go there again. I won't. Shelter means it is. It doesn't matter. Ed's drug store I'll go to. I don't give a shit. It has a drug store? Yep. Good one, too. He'd only put you on hold for 15 minutes. He's a gentleman. The other thing I want to mention is my cable company is spectrum. Yes. They're the fucking words. They are absolutely pathetic. I know, I have them too. In every way shape or form. It doesn't matter what you're trying to get done with them. They suck. And they run their own commercials all spectrum get mobile. Yeah, I'm going to get your mobile service. I have the way you take care of my home cable, you dorks. What's your main complaint? Well, first of all, when you're watching a show in the middle of the it'll go. Whether alert for something that isn't even in your county, you know, it's New Hampshire as flood warning for northern Vermont. This station is conducting a test that has been responsive weekly testing. You want to just strangle everybody in sight. Do you know who their big celebrity endorser was for the longest time? Fucking Ellen. That should tell you right there. See? Ellen. I can't stand her. Yeah, so I hate spectrum and I have it too, so I called Verizon today to try and switch over to that. You could cut out the cable and just do the town that has Verizon I bet, right? I am. You are? I am, oh shit. So my neighbor as I was like, I don't like them either. But when we first moved in, we didn't have any cable or Internet because it was brand new street. But I called Verizon today and I was like, okay, I want the Internet, like the most expensive best Internet you got. Like, okay, someone will call you back and we'll work it. I haven't heard back from them. Imagine that. Here you spectrum is so bad. I'm willing to take it in the ass from it. When they finally do call you back, you should go like this. Hello. And then whenever they say to you, say, what? You gonna speak up? Did you call us? I just, I just fired off of kidney stone. Ouch. It hurts the hole in the end of my wiener. Ow. Ow, Owen, hold on, hold on. Just make them wait for you. The government and I don't usually talk politics on this podcast. I really don't, because I don't want people to see when I go on and tweet something that's political. And they don't realize it with centrist libertarian. I'm not Republican or Democrat. I think people think, oh, oh, you like Trump. I forgot about the plan until just now. And I lose like ten followers on Twitter. Every time I tweet anything, and it's not even I'm not being abrasive or anything. But you know what, if they don't want to follow me because they're so hardcore whatever they are, fuck them. By the way, if you want to follow us at planet Mikey, you can follow me personally, which I would love to have at Mikey Adams four 20. I love followers. I just like to have a dialog going back and forth because I'm not a hateful person. I'm not. Am I? Come on. The government was scared of that wet rally that had a hundred people showing. They're all FBI. You put up giant ten foot fences. Yeah, they put up, they put up giant ten foot fences with concrete barriers and they stocked everybody got overtime for two days to build up to this non event because they're pussies. I mean, come on, they're things not going to happen again. That was a rare weird occurrence that happened because they didn't have enough guardsmen out there. In the first one, that's all. If they had 200 guys never mind fits, they would have stopped that last one, but anyway, that's ridiculous. But they don't, the reason quick to put up the fences and the walls when it's protecting the Nancy Pelosi. But they can't put up a fence or wall to keep out 200,000 illegal immigrants from Haiti and South America from coming into the country with COVID. Nancy's got nothing to worry about in a great big place with a wall around it. And guards. You see the horse, the horseman, the good brought in the lone rangers to keep control. And by the way, these people from Haiti, they didn't come directly from Haiti because of the last earthquake. They've all been in South America or the triangle countries for ten years since the last earthquake. Now they just decided this is a good time. We'll pay the money to the cartels. Get us through. And there will be so many of us they can't stop. 24,000 people sitting under a bridge. That's amazing. It's like a my last party in high school. And it's like a real human parties under the bridge. Under the bridge. How much to get in? Well, back then we didn't have cartels. So it was free. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that because they can build all those fences around the capital, but they can't fix the board and when they're doing it to Texas, they're screwing Texas. If these people were all headed for Delaware, do you think it would be different? Exactly. Politics. Delaware doesn't exist. Like Narnia. But no, it's like they tell you down there now. If you're thinking of the border, and you're a migrant, illegal, you know, and undocumented. They just tell you. Anybody can do it. Even anybody. You're escaping violence. I heard was the latest. I say Biden, by the way, is zero for 8 inflation, or the border. Afghanistan,.

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