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Understand what a good guy made he wrote for dui are i proceed together the state says that is lake seventeen what what star quarterback and he's not a star but you know what i mean they but he was he was he was a star in college said that nineteen said in agree a he said that you're twenty said whwhen did anybody ever say that yeah but a special out mom was it has apologized yet but especially especially in 2017 were these kids the media and that there's there's a bigger than the world it fifteen years old cell span miles member tiger will his press conference our that was very with that that blue curtain than uzun and everybody was like a roomful one hundred people that was poorly conceived yes but i read it for low inbound and outbound gillis who got some good ones let's go nec jin happenings boards in all thing does flex like what's wrong and who dressed crazy and we just i inbounds in kowloon vows now with gt infusing by denied thursday night football game sustained gird as we said a few times he though cbs as an indicator we're the forward broncos take it all the free when colts here now vance joseph broncos they've lost eight of their last nine there won't win in that span against my guys yes shop goggles colts have lost seven of their last eight i think he's been on mahachi for two and a half years yeah he is so both coaches or on the proverbial hotseat inbound zoran inadequate in in around i should say tcb oh joseph end pagon both will be fired before next see i'm going to say in bounds i think mcconnell's definitely gone and khan i mean at least of pick it up a college nasa really i don't know why lose lose for condo a coach but can no a big bills trial with a gone over the ill will be god and i think it's just trending in the conversation has gotten to loud in busy around vance joseph for it not to be seriously on the nominee tables on wednesday botha gonna be out of that turnover margin the job i cbs sports network has always minus four he asked for the denver broncos coulthard replied regrets really hard to do unless you play the quarterback that they play that has really not that artery guess yeah.

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