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I didn't have the I I didn't have the knowledge thinking I'm going to die any minute that's not the way it was, but still wasn't a near death experience and I decided. I. Wanted To tell someone my story to my five grandkids. He sat down. And I wrote it and one of the young. Graduates who worked for me for six years she. Started calling me the Dawn. and. and I never asked her why? Until I, start writing the book and I decided I was going to call it the dawn and I wrote her she lives in Dan's Virginia I said, why did you call me that she says because you your brother let a good gang. I? You you you were the dawn. For the drug headaches and so of course I wrote the book for my grandkids and and then decided to open it up for other people to read it as well and it's It's a little bit different, but it's it's from from my earliest childhood all the way through two years at teen challenge various stories that tell the story of my journey and it's kind of like an auto buying. Biographies, you know. It it's an easy read. It's a fast Rita simple read and a lot of a lot of stories. But my sister picked up when the dawn to when she was in Brooklyn Teen, challenge you guys to say that all the time all. Yeah. Yeah you know and and so. I always took it as a term of respect. Yeah. That's what they were calling me You know a Mafia character. It was a term of affection and a term of respect and so It just stuck with me. That's fantastic. What I appreciate that appreciate you sharing your heart about the book it I'm definitely going to. Check that out for those who may be listening I'll I'll put the link in the show notes to you can on, you can find find find that but also some pastor don other books and.

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