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No, not at all. And how often do we watch guys in season? Oh who's this guy, right? He's greats. This will be, and then there's even goes even further and then. Then! You're watching them in the senior game, the senior bowl and that's when you're like Oh. That guy's got a great arm. Look what he's doing with with guys from other teams. Okay? Maybe he has the skills that can work in the NFL. It's not because of what you know right now in fall in the fall. It's about what you have to actually see them on the field in games, so if it happens to be in spring fine, they shouldn't be playing right now. Anyway. If the kids aren't in class to your point, Greg, the senior bowl and stuff excuse me and stuff like that. Victor Cruz. WHO works for us here at spn played for the giants forever. You know Mr Salsa dance when he scored down. I had no idea who he was until I saw him in the senior bowl, and then I saw playing preseason. WHOA, this guy's really bleeping. Good like who the hell is that guy? You know what I'm saying so to your point. You're right so I. Don't think that twenty kids should matter if if you think you can play it safely in the spring. Then that's what you do. That's just my opinion on it. And Lastly Tiger Woods to skip next week's WGC Fedex St Jude. Invitational I feel like look. We got our tigers masters moment and you know if we can get one more of those before his career is over, that's great but I just think we're kind of done with Tiger Greg Yeah, I'm not a I'm not like stopping myself I'll go watch tiger anymore. It'd be great story if he wins another one. Yeah, but he did just win one so. I mean I'm good. Right I. that's what you need to know. Brought to you by computer career. Look you need a job. A lot of people do right now. Stop Man hit.

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