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But I want to start with drew brees because you you brought this up this morning coming off a record setting night another record-setting night for drew brees. He might be at this point in the conversation for greatest of all time. But where does he rank for you. Let's dive right into it and want to get you involved in the conversation so make sure you call in the number that I gave before absolute right now. I haven't four ills and and look the is. Tom Brady paid man in Joe Montana and injuries. And look you can make arguments for a bunch of guys Marino elway Super Bowls Marino passing yardage and what he was able to do with the dolphins even without a super bowl absent at And then Brett Farve you got. It's a bunch of guys right depending depending on who you like. Drew Statistically supported that he's one of the greatest of all time One Super Bowl is a little bit of a knock but at the end of the day we all trying to get one when we play in that league. I Lisa got one. Two thousand eleven knocked out by San Francisco possibly a super bowl Minnesota miracle possibly super bowl run even though that was before the divisional game and then obviously we saw what happened against the rams so we could be sitting here today with drew brees potentially alien four super bowls now. I don't know how many of those he would have won. But let's just say fifty fifty fifty right. He goes he goes to for two. It's a whole different in conversation because the past records owned he's been a part of that. Here's the thing though. You have this conversation between Tom. Brady and I think Tom Brady said itself self apart so then when we get further into the conversation we talked paid men and Joe Montana injuries. I don't think we ever really considered drew. Brees the best. Why is back the lead? Why because pain was so great? Yeah at the time right. Think about this generation. We've had the opportunity to witness witness. We got three guys. That's in the greatest ever conversation crazy between Tom Paine Andrew so look. It's not bad to be mentioned. I just thought this morning born and we need to start having a serious dialogue about drew. brees potentially being one of the greatest if not the greatest quarterback play the game. I love it straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. The thing that really came to mind for me too and that I loved about last night he was twenty nine for thirty. The man was almost perfect but the almost is what made him mad and drew brees said after he said look. I wanted to be more perfect that I was that one incompletion bothering me. We may even have this sound. I don't know do we know. Maybe we don't anyway. Oh link we do. We're going to listen to it in the meantime while we're queuing that up. You're listening to Marcus Spears. Laura Rutledge were filling in for Stephen A.. On this evening Smith Show and we are presented by progressive will be with you until three PM. Make sure you give us a call already see some. I'm great people on the line. It's one eight say. ESPN and if we can let's listen to what drew brees said after he broke another record. I don't know how they pick him Monday night. Football playing the colts team that we won the Super Bowl against ten years ago. So the the whole super forty four team is back for the ten th anniversary and obviously received national television. Now that record in the balance as well just kind of makes you shake your head you know. Are you kidding me on. Not sure how we got here. You're kind of makes your whole life and career flash before your eyes it's crazy. I mean when you hear when you hear him talk about himself and almost putting in perspective. I've obviously never done anything. Great like that or any word clues but I haven't so I can't even imagine knowing thing that you did that and then trying to talk about it while you're still playing that's the other interesting thing too about entering this. Where do you rank in the greatest of all time conversation injuring it while you're still playing the other question here to markets? How long do we think he got another two or three? Yeah right because Look Mickey Loomis has done a tremendous job surrounding drew brees where people that makes his job easier not to take anything away. From how great is when you talk about getting Michael Thomas. The acquisition of Jared Cook this year we talk about Alvin Kamara It is one of those is just one of those things where everything kind of works irks. Offensive Line is playing. Great Defense has shown a propensity to be really good at times but he steals surrounded in the locker room where really good players Cam Jordan on the other side of the ball as elite elite. So look for all. Intents and purposes drew is far from done right we. We potentially could be talking about six hundred touchdowns touchdowns we could be talking about more passing regulate creating a level of separation that you almost look at like. When when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth Homerun record? Everybody was like Yo. That's never going to be broken. So it'll be it'll be somebody come along Willoughby Pat Mahomes. I don't know if he can keep that type of production production of possibly but when you look at what drew brees is doing with the potential implant two or three more years. The conversation is going to continue to happen. And what if he does win a super bowl this year and possibly get the two or three in the next two or three years because the team is built for success going forward. It'll be interesting to see you picked the saints as your Super Bowl winning team. You and here's the thing I mean. I still love that. Pick Look I. I don't don't know if we knew that the ravens were going to be this good. You didn't know Lamar Jazz is going to have this incredible breakout season. We sort of saw signs and it could happen but I like your. I like your saints pick. Are you still feeling like when you made it at the beginning of the season and now that you've seen everything are you still feeling that confident about and memory evens man. That's what happened is just so because it's so difficult now all of that changes when you get to a super bowl right right. We know you and I have been around championships every year since we started working together. We know what those moments can do. They can make a team. That's been great all all season long. look not average but just look good not like they did in the regular season and then to you gotta give credit to the team out of the NFC now see that's GonNa make it to the Super Bowl. But right now I like. I don't see anybody beating the ravens just right now but we still talking about drew. Brees we still talking about a super bowl with different elements Lamar Steel Young. Even though how grady is that stage is huge So there there are factors on both ends. That would play into you being able to make a hard case for either team if those were the two matchups but but with that being said like I mean I still feel good about Orleans real. Yeah I like your pick right as a as a whole it is. We're GONNA talk about cowboys here pretty soon with you. We're also GONNA talk on the show today about the browns and what your fix for the browns would be. That's coming up later on and if you are listening you can hear Marcus's sigh of despair. That's how swaggie feels about that. It's not good. We're also going to get into a a little more about the draft with this mock draft coming out from Todd mcshay today. Lots of interesting things on that. I want to quickly get your thought before we take our first break when it quickly get your thought on why you think he puts to a at number four going to Miami and how you think that that works. I think to uh-huh so interesting. We'll get your thoughts on borough later tours very interesting look. Here's the great part about now the way to NFL structured. You don't have to give a rookie fifty million dollars to sign them right right so there is a little bit more leniency on giving a contract to at four and if it doesn't work out it's not GonNa Break Your back financially. It's not that's the reality of it. The second part of is he's so damn good and playing the position vision that if you can get him to ninety percent you would think that he would be elite in the NFL. What he did coming out of Alabama who who? He played for matters as well he played under nick. Sabin who is going to stand on the table and say look. This guy will not be injury risk. We've surrounded under them. Were the greatest people. He's GonNa Bounce back. He'll be as good as he was before the injury. So it's very interesting to see him four now. What Miami is going bank on is what every team gene banks on is that he's GonNa turn into a generational quarterback well a guy that can carry a franchise for the next ten fifteen years? That gives you pause because of the injury outside. Added that the talent what you seen him do even with Dr Selling you hate his kids going to be fine. That's the easy part about making a decision. But when you're trying to project object with his injury history and bedding on him being a franchise carrier. That's when you get into gray area of okay so we pull the trigger on a gotTa Outta has deal with some injuries for that extended period of time. I still think best case scenario for two tons of Iowa is that he ends up with a franchise. It doesn't need him to control right away. Yeah maybe it's not exactly. Maybe the chargers one of these teams that has a guy there. That's looking for the next guy on May the Patriots techno each other. They're kind of cut from that same cloth but somewhere where you're not relying on him to come. I'm in because the next time that to a plays a game he'll be facing an NFL deep knows he'll be facing a defense. It's going to become an atom tomorrow. We're not talking about you know Charleston southern or something like that. We're talking about a very real defense. And so I think for two. That's the best case scenario for him. And for whatever team drafts him The the other thing too about his injuries that just. I don't know how else to put this other than that. They're fluky the the knee injury the ankles maybe not not as fluky but a little bit. You still got hit bad but this hip injury. This hip injury only occurs in car accidents. That's why you you know the fact that they were able to relocate it. You know in the stadium. There in Starkville made a huge difference for his recovery. And we'll talk more about just how doctors. I feel that this will go for him. Because I think that information's important. They feel very confident recovery. But it's not like it's like he has this reputation as being injury prone which makes sense but these aren't injuries that happen even football like this. Just be this and to your point ails. Is it a bear run for because our is it because of how he's playing the one thing I would say that scouts and general managers and people will look at with tour when he rose left he holds the ball too long. Think about all of these injuries. He's been dangles..

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