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Barely sport cycling. Football tennis, central taking PD's. Can you explain to the uninitiated way? This is a case. And why it's not that misery this question when I put it in her. Can you explain to the uninitiated? Why this is the case why it's not common knowledge. Well, here's what happened. I I K so. How do I want to present? I read into a buddy of mine and two of his friends who are they're not they're my friends as well. But they're not I'm not as tach to them. Both of them are doctors in other surgeons one is a neurosurgeon one heart surgeon. Yeah, I know two idiots, right? And they're married. You guys must be really poor. Anyway, they live here in New York, and they're wonderful people, but we got into a debate. And they were saying that like we were talking about elite athletes whose name I mentioned mention because people will lose their mind. But you know, who they are there's elite athletes just somehow never get injured or have these careers late into their life. Bruce in great numbers. It is my belief that uniform all of them are on something whether it is designer steroids or something else, and they just couldn't comprehend this. They were like, no, no, no, no. It wouldn't ever be this way. And I I was like aren't all went to medical school. Right. And they were trying to make arguments that were just like incredibly knife. But do you into this? Do you rent to people? Who believe that steroid? Use in sports is the exception. Not the rule. Yes, right constantly. So when someone pops. Like, it's like a year. So your the bad apple in the bunch. Right. Why is that perception so common? When you said is probably near ubiquitous when we are seeing combat athletes succeed in their late thirties pushing forty at levels that were never physically forget forget combat athletes. How about any athlete if you play in the NBA and you can play well into your thirties travelling at six foot? I dunno whatever nine whatever you are starting to zero in on the guy you're talking about. There'd be a lot of them in that case. I know or pick your sport, and whatever you want hockey, whatever like these guys are playing it again nutrition's getting better. Okay. Exercise is getting better. That's true. But the games are getting if anything more physical more violent. So how is it possible that you can have these long streaks of productivity at record levels? When your body is supposed to be breaking it is because you are getting help. And it's not I'm not even mad at him for it. It's professional sports. Do what you're supposed to do? What? I find incredible. Is this idea if you like no, no there's like two percent of people using. No, there's at a minimum twenty percent if not much much higher by the close to around forty or fifty based on some of our estimates and probably more than that. What is your perfect quarrel because we this? This question isn't about people that don't believe it's really about you. What is actually your perfect? Where is no perfect world that everybody uses but has to disclose and take. No, it's not what I believe. I believe that basically American sports gets it. Right. So where the two different models. One is the. Olympic model, which is this police state. I think in which is intimately tied to the war on drugs, right, which carries all number of harms. It's a ineffective be Dezelic tree that comes with anti-doping carries reputational arm for those who get caught up in it we've seen that. And so it's incredibly wasteful in terms of resources that simply doesn't work and there are invasions of privacy. You can go on and on about all the harms associated. So I it's it's it's clearly not working, and it's clearly not going to work. It's incapable of working. So then you have to come to a better conclusion, which is that we cannot eliminate these drugs. We have to find a way to live with it. I think that the American professional sports, which don't do with the Olympic side does is the best way ownership and athletes get together and mutually craft the policy that everybody can live with. And you just go about your day after that..

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