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Regulars at the game included Kaufman Adams Brown Ross and Woolcott with non roundtable or sometimes sitting in the Rupe also played charades. So that they called the game and the can give you a sentence game that spawned Dorothy Parker's memorable sentence using the word horticulture. She said you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think that's pretty good. All that's very good. Wow. So members often visited into Shoghi island, which was a private island co by several the Elgon cts and located on several acres in the middle of lake Bouma seen in for Mont there. They would engage in their usual Ray of games, including wink, murder and croquet. A number of tables were also inveterate practical jokers who constantly pulled pranks one another as. Time on the jokes became ever more elaborate herald Ross Jane grant once spent weeks playing a particularly member we'll joke on Woolcott that involved apprised portrait of himself. They had several copies made each slightly more askew than the last and they would periodically secretly. Swap them out later comment to Woolcott what on earth is wrong with your portrait. Until like ready to lose. That is so good great. That is the best use the best fun. Use of gas lighting. I have never heard all my gosh. They sound like a fun bunch like rich people. So as members of the roundtable moved into ventures outside New York City heavily the group drifted apart by the early nineteen thirties, the vicious circle was broken EDNA. Ferber said she realized when she arrived at the rose room for lunch. One day nineteen thirty two and found the group's table occupied by a family from Kansas. Some members of the group remained friends after its dissolution. Parker and Benchley in particular remained close up until his death in nineteen forty five though her political leanings did strain their relationship others as the group itself would come to understand when it gathered following Woolcott staff in nineteen forty-three simply realized they had nothing to say to one another. Because the number of the members of the round table had regular newspaper columns, the activities and quips of various round table. Members were reported in the national press this brought roundtable is widely into the public consciousness as renowned wits, but not all their contemporaries for fans at the group. Their critics accuse them of log rolling or exchanging favorable plugs of one another's work and rehearsing their witticisms in advance James Thurber who lived in. The hotel was detractors of the group accusing them of being too consumed by their elaborate, practical jokes, the reporter H L Mankin who is like much admired by many in the circle was also actually critic commenting that quote, their ideals were those of vaudeville actor one who is extremely in the know and inordinately trashy Groucho Marx, the brother of Harpo Marx was never comfortable. Amidst the well viciousness of the vicious circle. And he wants remarked, quote, the price of admission is a serpent's tongue and a half concealed stiletto. Wow. So sounds fun. Still pretty onto me. But back to the in one thousand thirty two Parker Matt Allen Campbell and actor who wanted to also be screenwriter. He was by sexual and Dorothy proclaimed in public that he was queer as Billy goat together. The pair moved to Hollywood and sign ten week contracts. With Paramount Pictures with Campbell who is also expected to act earning two hundred fifty dollars week and Parker earning thousand dollars a week house. Pretty nice. They would eventually earn two thousand dollars and in some instances upward five thousand dollars per week. As freelancers very studios. I'm Cheian Campbell. Worked on more than fifteen films and nineteen thirty six Pirker contributed lyrics for the song. I wished on the moon with music by Ralph ranger, and that song was introduced in the comedy film. The big broadcast of nineteen thirty six sung by Bing Crosby with Campbell. And Robert Carson. She wrote the script for the nineteen thirty seven film. A star is born for which they were nominated for an Academy Award for best writing. God. Yes, that's crazy. After the us entered World War, Two Parker in Alexander will collaborated to produce in theology of her work as part of a series published by Viking press for servicemen stationed overseas. The volume compiled over two dozen Parker short stories along with selected poems from enough rope sunset gun and death in Texas. It was published in nineteen forty four under the title, the portable..

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