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I guess I don't. That's a tiny bit creepy. But it's romantic too. I guess right and his roommate Finally he's like man. I'm tired of hearing that. Shut up. You don't even know her name So he goes well. We'll find it out. I had a class lasts a public speaking class across campus with his roommate who was a big offensive guard. And so that's I think was spurred him on to say They seem to be spending a lot of time together and so we would walk across campus and so we on the way there. We were doing public speaking on nutrition. So I said Oh well by the way what did you have for breakfast. That was nutritious. And he said Not a really good day. I was running late but there were these amazing brownies on the counter. I ate those and and no mention of thanks for bringing them right so I brought them on a plate. You know not paper so real plate so it has to be returned see right smart but guess guess he returned the plate micro turn the plate and he said I know I didn't throw that note away which said head to Gerald and Mike in Parentheses he said I might have put it behind some things on the bulletin board so he never knew but Mike was going to make sure he returned at the plate. And that's how we got started dating so did it get serious quickly. Ordered date for a long time or what happened now. We dated three months and he he proposed I guess he knows he knew he wanted you from the window. And then after you knew it quickly to right he did so and and said that was quick. We had a year engagement. How did you know? Obviously he was interested in you from the beginning. When did you know that this might be a guy that you might be interested in marrying? And he was just a good like salt of the earth person you know And I really adored his family when I met them Emin Marianna so you really went to movie on our first date alone and I remember after the movie. Do you remember what you saw. I think it was breakfast club. So so choice. Yeah Breakfast Club We had a little kiss afterward. And then stop kissing the thing when the credits were finished and I was like I really like the sky. Yes Oh so usually movie credits are. Decent decent length of time law got married in nineteen eighty six right. Yes so that was what about you dated for about a year or so. Yeah we had an engagement for their engagement so you graduated from. FIC With a degree in marketing. Right College of business. Yes and But you were also planning on being a surgeon in studying for your mcat at the same time so not then. Actually that was that was We had Mitchell. Our first born. Mike was with Chrysler Credit Corporation and he was transferred to Atlanta and then Savannah and in Savannah. He had a horrific car crash Assem I was parked in Outer Lane And it was a flatbed with no it was hauling nothing and he was not even in the vehicle. The driver had stopped to. I guess. Try to find out where the docks loading docks where in Savannah and It was in rush hour traffic and came around curve and didn't even so must have seen at the last second. You know if somebody's in front of you and jerks out of the way and you have no response time But jerk the wheel to the left And the whole engine just came through the passenger seat so it was. It's quite terrible. He spent a month in the hospital He had dislocated his hip and broke out. The you know socket and broke his humorous you know the big bone in the arm and broke his jaw and four stitches in his tongue. And things like that. Just I serious. They said he would have died. Had he not had such a big chest frame yeah he would have any had collapsed lung and not a problem so he got out of the car in the middle of the traffic and thankfully wasn't far from the hospital and a nurse off-duty behind him or down the road put on her flashers got out because he got out and then of course fell to the ground And we saw the ambulance come in front of Best Mitchell and I because I was he mike was gonna take him to childcare and I said no go ahead you do it. I'll have time to take him. And and so we waited for the ambulance to go by and then all the traffic was backed up. And of course I didn't know is my husband and so I was like Mitchell. We need to go through this neighborhood the back way. So let's do that. There's a terrible crash and as soon as I got to trust company bank at the time and I was the marketing director for them. And doing right what I want. You know marketing sales. It was marketing and I had all these messages. And so my secretary Adman said. And here's one from the hospital probably wanting some sponsorship for us to be involved in something as a bank and something thing just made me you know. Say I'm sure you know God's blessings to say call and I did and he'd been an accident. Went down there air and he was three months in recovery After so that episode led to to be interested in San at dead not particularly particular therapy because they didn't even prescribe therapy is crazy. You know. They brought him home to our -partment on a stretcher. But I got interested in medicine Jason so we moved back home after that to Tallahassee and I said I I'd like to go back to school to be a doctor I I think that was my calling and so I took all the prerequisites which like I said. We're many because my biology. They didn't and have the necessary. Science class had nothing yes and so I had to start from scratch which normal people studying marketing tried to avoid science as much as possible right. Exactly Right And so I took all the prerequisites had applied to the PIM's program that they used to before we had a medical school at Florida state. took the cat and was in biochemistry and histology and our second son was born. And that was the end of that that I was in school and I had to withdraw and was not going to happen. Next sperry involved medically you. You were in school. Had your son Nick and He was born with some pretty significant special. Needs yes So tell me a little bit about that in the obvious impact that had on you and your family The physicians were completely had. Just we're trying everything and testing for everything that they possibly could he The first month he was too good couldn't wake him to feed. Kim had a very hard I mean he would have just slept on and that would have been an end of him and so it took a lot of valiant effort to to pull him through that first month and then by month to he wouldn't stop screaming so and projectile vomiting limiting and all kinds of issues. You'd feed them and take forever to feed and then he'd throw up half or more than half of everything you gave him so we were feeding him like every every other hour David. What was going on at the now? No we didn't We had multiple hospitalizations at Tim. H great. Neurology their doctor. I Ala A he they referred us down to Shans Teaching Hospital you know some people love it We did not They argued over. You know who's carry was going to be under whether it was going to be neurology or gastroenterology allergy and they discharged his to the Ronald McDonald House. You know over the weekend and no one in the facility could sleep So my call them and within screaming and said we cannot be in this facility. I mean no no the did though. I know the family family stay there. I didn't know that the patients would stay there sometimes too. Yeah 'cause I guess insurance. They pay over the weekend fishing of testing going on something like that. And so when we brought him in They had a big table of all neurology and a gastro all there at the table and nick proceeded to projectile tell vomit all over everything they had on the table And so they saw it. It was amazing. And how old is he at this point point. He is four months at this time and then they were like okay. We're admitting again But basically they sent us home with on Valium said is that for me or for him. I mean somebody's got beat. Somebody's gotTa have something around here is my skin was peeling like a snake doc. my face was from this stress. Jeremy and Mike was traveling he was out of town three nights a week and I had a toddler Adler Mitchell and I had this baby and it was just rough. I mean he had seizure disorders. He'd stopped breathing. Turn Blue He couldn't tolerate even the you know the heat turning on with the wind across the master bedroom I had to cover him like like a little bird. He was just so sensitive to any kind of sensory stimulus So how did you deal with that. You're just trying to survive for a little bit and you're like okay. They've sent us to what is known as one of the Best Hospital for pediatrics in the area and they don't know and so they sent his home and then our pediatrician referred us to eggleston listen in Atlanta so we went there while they didn't know what was going on they sent us to a specialist who might at Nyu So we boarded the plane with neck and flew. NYU and everything was cash is very interesting. He had a lot of different meds there wasn't any support in the state of Florida at that time. In fact nick was one of the first clients to go on The Medicaid waiver at the time it was just introduced reduce Tucker and Florida and we had a really jam up case manager. So were the meds helping You tell if they were making a difference or they know they really didn't he was unraveling and other things to keep in front projectile vomiting. But not really I mean we. He ended up to cook his like cream of rice in like nutrition. And put it in a feeder bottle. Cut The nipple off at the top and just basically quickly for you know. Feed it to him like that to be heavy enough to stay down So he was failure to thrive you now now even as valiantly as we were working and so when we took him to Nyu Her name was Dr Axelrod. I will. I'll never forget her. We had a two hour appointment. And he she documented he had effortless. Ms Switched just means just throwing up. Just just run right out. I mean like nothing and she wanted every doctor's name that had been associated with this care and she wrote blistering hiring letters to the physicians This child has needed a funded placate. Which is a physical Sphinx after they build a stinker because it's a physiological stinker otherwise they control the flow gate gauges when the stomach is full and it closes down and so they did that refunded placate? They inserted a G. Tube so he could eat and not vomit everything up and finally he started growing Oh yes but the. The first year was just horrendous to go through the first year of life. You know struggling thinking you're going to die and nobody knows what's wrong with them and and kind of feeling like the doctors have given up on your back Hoe L.. They said I was a neurotic. Mother they put it on you. Oh Yeah you're just it's your neurosis of this because in fact they didn't take me seriously until my husband. Mike AAC had him and took him in. I was busy doing something I said I really we were having a party for goodness Sakes Christmas party. I don't know how I was planning on that. Ah but I said really just.

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