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Hello and welcome to hysteria. I'm Erin Ryan this week. We asked the following burning questions. How many guys can Gordon Sunland? Donlan throw under a single bus. What's the future of the equal rights amendment and most importantly? What is Gloria? steinem thing about all this Eliza Master Monico Tian Trans State Senator Senator Jennifer McClellan and Gloria Steinem. Yes the real one. Tackle these questions this week and more. So so the Gordon problem is just as big a problem as the trump administration feared as. We're recording this right now. Gordon Sunlen is throwing trump officials under the bus. It's the bottom of the eighth inning. And he's got a no hitter going. Devon Nunez has fastened his thinking cap on so tightly that it's cutting off circulation to his brain Nikki Haley's weird book tour flexible not intervening to prevent trump for ruining America. Last week. Seems even dumber now but there are other things going on in the world as well for example women's equality did you know that despite despite one TV show in two movie reboots of Charlie's angels women still aren't constitutionally guaranteed equality and. Did you know further that we're one state away from ratifying the equal rights amendment and did you know further that one of those states Virginia just flipped from red to blue very interesting here here to help me break this down in more is former White House. Deputy Chief of operations under President Obama and the garden of Weed Enjoyment Eliza Master Monaco Hey Eliza Hey Aaron hold on while I Mute Gordon Sunlen. You're like the only one in America. Muting him him today. Only because I'm talking to you otherwise he'd be at a volume ten out of ten. I feel very special I was just I like prepping to record for the last few minutes. Has He accused. Cardi Cardi B. being involved yet. No but I'm waiting for that shoe to drop and even that yes. Let's talk about that. We weren't planning on talking about impeachment just because because you know it's it's kind of everywhere but something big happened this morning. Do you mean when he got in the bus backed it over. All the president's it's men and then drove over them yeah. It was sort of a like fried green tomatoes to Wanda type moment. It really was. Yeah I mean here's what I'm thinking I what's going to happen now. What can happen now? Will I mean I before anyone tweets at us for. We're not like saying he's a hero or anything he's just finally telling some fucking version of the truth and more like you're for it But I think I mean. Don't you think that the southern district of New York Literally has their engines running to go get rudy. I mean this is like to me. This is it's damning terrible for the president but it's the end of really truly early on me. Yeah it's here's the thing like He. He paints a very clear picture. And yesterday I remember I was on the crooked media stream on Tuesday and I just remember it being very repetitive like it seemed the Republicans defenses like. Yeah but did he say the name of the crime while he was doing it. No crime your honor But here it's sort of like they've they've kind of abandoned all of it. I I watched or listened to Devin. Nunez's is opening statement. And it was it was sort of. I felt like I was standing. Like I feel like if I worked in a place and Devon Nunez soon as came in saying those things I'd be like Sir you need to leave and I'm calling mystic. I'm calling secure calling security possibly a doctor. Do you need some help Sur. Also I feel like today's high day fashion like not to Undo George Kens. Bow Tie. But it's like Gordon Sahlin came for the show. Oh I mean he's got some like Glorious Royal Navy Sudan and Devin unions literally tried to dress like bugsy so. I don't know what's going on. Yeah but there's more stuff going on. Melissa I want to talk about some of the kind of uplifting stuff because I think at the core of this impeachment is this. I've the sinking feeling that even though all of this is coming out none of the Republicans Republicans are going to do anything about it because they're all completely members of the trump called But I do think that there's some hopeful pieces as of news that are kind of floating out there and one of them is that there's a bill that's about to be introduced in Virginia to ratify the era. What does he hurry stands for? You know what it stands for those who are listening who may not know equal rights amendment. Okay thank you. They will rights amendment which was introduced Decades ago and sort of quietly died. Thanks to the efforts of like anti feminists such as Zip Phyllis Schlafly. I can't say her name. It's it's Mr. It sounds like how she makes me feel which is lasting schlafly. But the the amendment failed but it failed with Three states left not necessary to ratify it and added to the Constitution Illinois Nevada recently ratified the the era. And we're down to one and that one could be Virginia. It's an exciting time forty years later. Do you think we should call the state senator. Who's going to introduce the bill and we could learn a lot from her? I feel like we could do senator. McClellan was elected to the Senate of Virginia in January twenty seventeen prior to her election to the Senate Jennifer. It was a member of the Virginia House of delegates. For eleven years. She holds the distinction of being the first pregnant delegate in office in Virginia which is awesome and also I. I wish that there had been more and before her. Because that seems like a pretty late time in estates age to have a pregnant delegate. But I digress. And she's about to introduce a new. Yeah Bill in Virginia to ratify the equal rights amendment. Let's give her a call. 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