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The show hi alex perry one guy i love your good good good we're could room you know look at reality or your walkabout yaohan year the reality you're there we have one party that is your open liberated air crew up you're going to be under got great we don't know what's going on they were they were firing on the other part you you don't let that eight you're you're all all of our you're not you're you're you're a crash that we america eight grin and you're really happy republican party which way it look you really feel if you're a man from another party why warm democrat so i built reality regret allparty wall by it well when you're when you're when when you when you think about it where you know you had uh of the of 2012 nominee uh mitt romney who you know ronna romney care and then uh you had a donald trump not a lifelong democrat but because he had switched parties a few times but a most the major issues he was mostly liberal but there are some issues word does view that he is moving more the right but continue go ahead well let me recall issue you know i'm i'm you kind of out of the far no honour not really political our own maybe you're we look away good good aquatic ari and maybe change the republican party thumped to know where with a oneparty whom whose wait you know i don't know well america or you know everybody you right now that they as as long as there is support for both parties they stay the reason the political parties are there is because there are people that will support them and people that will vote for them uh we have tried third parties in in in in the past as you know because we are more than just do we have two major party these because the two major parties really cover uh you know most of what americans actually thing there are other parties out there but they can't hit to the majority status so again it always goes back to the people.

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