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It was going i love the pick say that about yeah that's like you said the last i write well people forget the knicks even once tried to outlawed the no huddle few years ago when chip kelly was yeah reason like it's not safer football but i don't think he cares deeply about safety mix a lot wants to just play ball the ball so i i think he problem in the now the pick is already outlined but i mean you can't play where you know if you the the thing rubbing lay of the they're they're doing right yeah you know right right it leaves it up to interpretation by the wrath so they're gonna crackdown i do think that sabin is going to lobby for i disagree i think that say been is going to only run pick plays at the goal line just as a big fuck you learn she's run yeah yeah but i think he's he's going to double his goal scorer thirteen pick touchdowns in week two against jacksonville state next who i i don't even know who the club's a player was that actually did to pick but he probably will get of rudolph that guy yeah and and just start going going to town arm yeah so it's a during off another big loser merrill st yeah i guess i guess football is art after hey football can stay because mel st her timing was correct she went after football after four of the worst nfl playoff games of ever watched that yeah people are talking rather maybe marrow st is actually a much bigger football fan than any of us are right and she's chooses so discussed this you so pissed off you from the blowout overgrown you can and watching matt stafford to play with broken middle finger that she it that's what she was trying to get across of gold gloves merrill strip is actually upset what she was trying to say was she's upset the you can hit a quarterback anymore yeah right that's exactly right also big winner from last night swinney double swinney reached in my opinion assassinations.

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