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At the medicine is is goodness. I'd i'd say and jews and frugal ways. Who eight nature receive in safety and living beings being close rate small and the scene was on on things being happy to see a day ill on an me so with leaving ray kind has was us guys and down with a down bounded paid standing. All he sees now from one should say israel connection is said to be i holding also views parakeet. Being free from offense is is so Mouse and also for fully become monster when novices in the and garrick is like countless people. Literally erica means imus what and And the idea is that at the time of the border at two thousand years ago it was a time where there was a lot more of spiritual sex and a homeless mendicant able just giving up arms food living in forests two foot of trees different kinds of religions and and so it was actually like part of the culture said a his in the west is kind of in the kind of a christian monks leading monastries. But the idea of having wondering ascetics is we know but it's kind of a new to us something very nice about to that that level of simplicity than among non for months. We just have the. If we're wondering we have the rugs that will wear we just have the ball arrays and And told not to worry about what we're gonna get tomorrow. Are we going to get through that going to get food. Our we're gonna get enough sleep or is it going to be raining. Oneida depends on the time of the year. You never know these things but the idea is if we take care of minds and then there's actually a teaching about the different types of laziness as if it's too early and you get up practice if it's too late practice if it's too hot practice if it's too cold practice feeding too much practice. If you haven't eaten enough practice is the mind. Always gonna tell you out to halt. I practice announced too late account. Practice is to co Practice the mind always. Has this kind of laziness these excuses stoppage for living at best and and making use of our pacino these and so when the buddha was encouraging the practice he said you know lack your hair. Your clothes were on fire. what would you do. You think you'd sit there and have a cup of tea for straw. Now you put the fire out Effortle your energy everything you got. You put that fire out right there. And so that's fact. The added voter told us to to think of spiritual practice would is like sound vega makers like spiritual agency that you know we think about this we think about sickness we think about these things and because when we think about them than it brings up the sense of agency that we done. When we're gonna die. We died when family members are gonna die when a house is gonna bend down. We done many things of what we do know is alive right now and we have the ability to practice and voted is different ways. Practice is too slow and painful way is faster. Painful way is to slow in happy way in this fast. Happy way and he said you know basically but welcomed the practice anyway. We want the only way that he recommends is faster than the happy way. So that means whenever were practicing got difficulties in our lives and things going the wrong way is because of attitude because we haven't yet understood had properly practice this you know when we react to things in a bad way than than we think. There's something wrong experience man. And so really stemming from this lacking in this viking leaving the stories of minds and surf we constantly believe negative stories in an minds and we're always pointing the finger outside of ourselves in Pointing back towards when we're gonna look in the mirror said who is that mind thinking that thought. Who isn't that sets. These boundaries makes these rules just iran. Old habits are tendencies the things that we haven't yet investigated and but to get the investigation it requires regular fm. It's not like a pot. Com job is a fulltime job so we can't just Back for five minutes and they never you know when we practice again for five minutes a week later that everything will continue from there but rather we have to like see. The practice says telling a friend the other night. Say you have your meditation every day but a twenty minute meditation that you do however much she do rather than just have that. Meditation had like a full round period and in that four hour period. He's gonna prepaid in mind. You say okay for every hour before hours before that meditation. Make sure that i'm mindful. Makes you have good thoughts gonna to make sure that you. I prepare him on for the meditation so then rather than just sitting down in dealing with the back wash of the day you have that period where it becomes more acadia sacred space space of in the quietness piece. That even though you may have things to do that you just gonna watch mind. And then that's site decaf preparing the soil for the meditation. In a time when we have this kind of attitude of developing. Mindfulness it makes our practice much easier. If if we just harping that we can let the on run. Mac and then i sit down and get a little bit of peace every time we meditate. It'll work very slow. Very slow path is not making use of our resources as psyche. A a if we have to memorize something or learning a piece of music. Something you have to have that regular practice. You have to have that inclination towards wanting to learn so. We don't want to do the meditation if we don't want to do practice than we're just kind of doing it to get a little bit of peace. We don't have the full kind of attitude yet and and cerrado and then the other difficulty Attached to results happens without people. When you start meditating really peaceful meditation guest. Enjoy coming up then you can. Now it's going to be like that. Every time i met said of course suffering says select. What will lead to do. Instead is to be a person who's just went to the coast is in what are the causes for practice or out of the is is for self discipline a humility respect for kindness gentleness patience and then when we build this causes when we come to meditate. It's it's much easier. We already have a sense of east place. We've been watching iran minds. We haven't been allowing that in a credit or that in a complaining to take over our mental states and then at this point of the basis for at present moment awareness for presence of mind to be truly present requires fullness of attention in at attention it needs to be level of interested in if there's not it's very spy prices like learning piano but you hated how how how quickly you gonna lead vienna every time either. You hate you teasha yet. Hate the piano and you hate the music pages a sex. Somebody doesn't have any interest in the have done. Have attitudes so. I wanna do is foster a in that we have to meditate all the time i was trying to expand my is not that you samson meditate for hours and erode the put four hours even who was just. Okay wants to now. I'm going to remind myself. Little mentioned aiding after that meditation be more present. Be kind be more patient or whatever it is that whatever is the antidote for app In a difficulties because we are aware of different says. Look what what is the main problems that mine has come up with a dementia and then the job is just can't wants to now for the four hours before meditation you could. All you gotta do is remember as you mentioned just that level of mindfulness at enough at sexually sexually quite a lot of mindfulness just to do that doesn't sound like much but it requires presence and then we kind of. We're putting a good program into brian psych. If we if we watch the news twenty four hours straight. Has i gonna be after that. You're to be good..

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