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Is basically and and it's kinda like that you sign this waiver it's basically says we do not negotiate in the event of riot or hostage situation and so you kind of go in eyes wide open and you know but that's that's life in miami like you just can't go around frayed all the time otherwise you won't live you won't you won't go you won't go outside because it can be a pretty scary place so you just kind of go with the flow or we're documentary filmmakers were nonfiction storytellers and the more dangerous the person you meet the more compelling potentially the the story is you gotta you gotta go after funny about it is that now flash forward army were i mean when we were trying to make we were making like an five so we're now thirteen years later now the first call that people make when they get out of prison is to their mom the second call is to rack and tour is to us and hear from people you have no dude on my famous dude i swear to god i got a i got a email the other day the subjects some some insight into my life the subject in all caps is neven shapiro's fath other that's the subject line and of course it was devon shapiro's father and he's in federal prison wants to talk to me wants to get on core links which is the the the federal prisons email system but this happens all the time you know we heard you know we we heard from we heard from tony bosch from the biogenesis case the case we heard from him on his way indefensible prison and on the way i federal prison that was we we heard from him on both ends this is just like in the recount the.

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