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Insidecorner one and one blake ruppert in left's esteban four yalon center it's icy gilliam manning the rightfield corner ryan ledge just do second professional game behind the fleet one one is a fly ball skied out to left ruptured ranging over toward the gap and it's actually glory all who calls them off do put it away show one down ventura retreats back in a first days in now christian mogae golddigging avaaz brazil watch adding to ninety two which is impressive 340 he'd on these percentage no homers and thirty two runs batted in is seventeen swipes the fifth most in the south atlantic look here's ventura going pot a lofted up right field slicing away from gilliam and just down foul that was going to be extra bases in one run was shorn for sure paci with these speed was going to have at least three had that ball stayed the left to the shock wine easier to wants plus runners were there not metioned around when they get on the basis jay and ventura gotcha the native assat the domingo's centro in the dr just eighteen years of age here the.

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