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Cycling with character Rydin Watch with rapper in one thousand nine hundred as they partner e F education fast and canyons ramp. Thank you very much to Rafael or title sponsor. I've actually got a Rafeh Yorkshire Collection and Copier to award this to somebody's very fetching the colors blue and yellow. WHO's the most charming peddler today the the most stylish looking rider while I mean I'd like to know Lionel. I was GONNA say perhaps give it to the most overtaken writer in which case I saw clearly the winner but there was a chap who came to my rescue and gave me an NGO. It was a science more energy. Where wonderfully of a message can you thank you very much. Rafeh which you have to wear for the rest of the I think so here we are well. We had Francois Making his debut on the podcasts at the world championships last night. We learned that it was only your Second World Championship. You've been a AM Daniel. You've joined us for the next couple of days. How many worlds have you been to might've been two thousand one. Verona two thousand full maturity two thousand five two thousand seven nine in about seven or eight. I think definite Florence in Florence Pump Rawda and we were we in Florida together. I remember seeing the experience harrogate yet and all it has to offer but we're GONNA look ahead tonight to them. The we can on the road race interest under twenty three road race Republican a missed most of that as well because we've gotta show tomorrow night in Harrogate and but what we thinking about Sunday in the men's road trace 'em Francois. It's funny because ever since we arrived in in this beautiful place very welcoming and oh you know everybody's been buying me beer's as you said and everybody else had also been asking me that question is going to win on Sunday which is the sort of questioned and that normally would never answer the in in on the podcast because we're serious people will not making lame six seeks as we say in French so I won't. I won't make lame promising told everyone here everybody who asked me that Greg another Matt would win it so let let me elaborate on that. It's it's you know I'm taking a risk there because obviously if he doesn't many chances you want. I'll look a fool but I I I don't mind this part of the game so why Greg Anathema because it's a long course and I on it'll be as we all know a kind of a battle of deal generation against the new generation. We've seen that cycling in in in in the last couple of months evolved considerably younger generation coming clean up all as Evan Pool the way again Bernales not here but I mean all these guys you know under twenty two guys kind of stealing the show so after after all guys anything left in there in the tank too to win the words I think that given the difficulty of of the costs given the length of the course I mean some. Some of these guys are vendor. The vendor ever rode competitively over two hundred K's so it'll be you know different directions corner point of order. I want to go in April which to show about yes sure about. I need to say this. In the same. Way Is with Philippe. There are guys like Vanna Matt is done is done these races over two hundred and fifty case more than twenty times in his career so they have the experience since the to pace themselves to whether will be terrible as we saw in Rio. The only guy didn't crash Greg's another. Matt with the Belgian. Team is absolutely absolutely massive this year with getting the same experience so the only thing you can tell me. What are you what you're saying about? The novel Matt Applies to Financial Bilas well right to pick one of the two but so strong team experience and the other thing is a road lots and nothing's another kind the held back a little. This season in the results used to even in the tour didn't really go for stage wins. My impression is that he was really building. This is up to a world championships. He really thinks is going to win. So all these little things put together to me. Make Creek van of and taught me a logic favorite and so I talked a little bit about the others I don't think will win it because the French team is not as strong as it could be an for all the reasons I said affiliate probably wrote a little bit too much season started very early did lots in during the tour and the from okay we didn't Milan-san remo is it's never been at its best in the in the longest the longer distances dad compares with Anathema. All even you know some of the more experienced riders I it will be the key on Sunday so that that's my tip you mentioned bad weather. I mean we being here so far. We've learned the Yorkshire accuweather forecast. Well not terribly.

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