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Shelley was serving beer at the venue or. Well, I, I don't ever ages was cheap to buy the beer's wet this you're talking on the papers. Alcoholic beverages, Shelly was busy doing some sick. You got to kick him out in my. He's not going to pay attention to me. So I did like say, hey, man, this let me stress in room and he wouldn't leave. So I had to go back to Shelley and go. He's not leaving. You got to socially just kicked him out right away. And I saw how he treated her, like, basically, who are you? You know? And I saw a lot with, you know, male artists treating her like, oh, you're just the blonde co-manager either that or somebody's girlfriend? Yeah. No, she every time I did an interview on the eighty. Okay. Which one did you sleep with? None. You know, I mean, like I know in my world that you know, they say, never sleep with other comics. Just don't. Don't play ball in the house. I wanna use another phrase but like I wanna be appropriate with you. How did you not like. Like commish are all I'm around it. All. You're are around our artists in fellow ANR people and managers like how do you like separate your your social life, or do you even have a social life? I don't really have much of a social life right now me now. You know, I'd like to think that I could still get married. I'm like sixty now. No, look at. Thank you. Thank you. Did you well thank you. I think that has a lot to do with getting sober eighteen years ago to otherwise. They're probably be dead. But you know, I, I have a posse of male friends that I hang out with. With any of them, but I hang out with them and you know, hopefully the one will come around that. I wanna hang out with, I, you know, I would love partner, Hannah. Would you prefer them to not be in the music field? Like would you date on this thing? They have to be creative. But right now I work with musicians, so I probably don't wanna date a musician. You know somebody that was a musician in the past or whatever. Yeah, sure. Fine. Well, before I I know you you're busy. And once again plays by Mickey's book, appetite for dysfunction at Vicky Hamilton dot com. Thank you for that. No place and all her current artists. The tender Bates Damien, sage Darby Shah they have some shows coming up, right? Yes, they did. Yes, they do let stats Damian's playing debts. I don't know what the date is on that. I will get that date right away. I believe it's I I went to over twenty. I on the twentieth hell these junkies is playing bar sinister and they're playing with them guns, which is Priscilla Presley sun. That should be a good show and Darby is playing at the basement in Nashville. A boy. When is it. I was fascinated by the music scene in Nashville when I was there a few weeks ago that I mean, I mean there were full country bands playing in almost every parking lot of every business I don't. It was in the downtown area was just amazing. Do. Gabby is playing the basement for a new phase night on September eighteenth at eight PM. So if you're in the national area. Please check that out and the basements. Like my favorite club that fresh phrase night. New phase night is great. Two packs out and everybody just plays like five songs and. Very cool or Tinder beets are playing in for Glen, but I don't know. They just played the other night, but they play a lot. So will you sit in for a blessed out? Okay. But I've save not necessarily the best for last, but tell me about. Backstage poison. Rat. These. That's an off air question. Glitter beach. Share. So glitter beach is a musical play that I carry out with Robbie Quine who was a musician. I did date, but now he's like my best friend. And he had a lot to do with me getting sober is like an amazing guy. But what's. I mean, can you talk about what it's about? It's it's about a glam rock. Surfer dude who invents glam rock music in nineteen sixty nine and. It's kind of the wizard of Oz of the sea. Like there's like a mermaid muse and all these misfits come together and start a band. It's a really a fun thing..

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