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CY. Odyssey. WCBS news time 1238 we're heading back to the kcbs traffic watch and Victor saragossa is looking at slow traffic in San Jose. And this is due to an earlier crash on northbound 85 just before you get to caught a road as you can see the brake lights. Now the incident is about a good half a mile pass caught a road still blocking the two left lanes. No estimate of time when the lanes will open there. You may want to consider using blossom hill road or sanitary boulevard as an alternate if already stuck in that backup. By the time you get past that, it's a smooth, right? As you continue all the way to highway 87, the other issue that's been standing there since 5 o'clock this morning is on a highway one O one in the southbound direction in San Jose and as traffic report is brought to you by envision Honda of Milpitas, approaching a key road at about 5 o'clock this morning someone on the freeway was hit and killed unfortunately. So you said very heavy traffic from interstate 8 80. That's because the two right lanes are closed. Still no estimate of time when lanes will open and also in the Cupertino area looking at slow traffic on two 80 in the northbound direction, just as you approach Dan's a boulevard by the time you get to highway 85, you'll be clear and at the speed limit. Celebrated happy Honda days at envision Honda of Milpitas with the new 2022 civic sports sedan lease. Now just two 29 plus tax for 36 months. Envision Honda Milpitas, it's the right decision called 8 5 5 9 9 6 22 74 for details in next traffic update at 1248 on the traffic leader in case CBS. Or Casey B asks Bay Area forecast is calling for sunshine this afternoon, but it's one of those days where it never really warms up. We're talking highs in the mid 50s today and there's some light breezes as well. Mostly

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