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Npr news i'm an thompson in cincinnati and you're listening to npr news from washington and israel workers installed new security cameras at a holy sites in jerusalem today but officials seem to be willing to consider alternatives to the metal detectors at angered palestinians and set off street violence three palestinians were killed friday and a palestinian stabbed to death of three members of an as israeli family israel set up the detectors at the site known to muslim says the noble sanctuary and jews as the temple mount following the killing of two israeli policemen muslims allege that israel's trying to expand its control all that's left of the ceremonial ride into paris the british bike racer crisp room as essentially clinched his third straight tour de france victory in pierce on goldman reports from lengthened his lead heading into today's final stage chris fromm finished third in the fourteen mile timetrial in marseille but he extended his overall lead in the tour from twenty three seconds to fifty four that's considered a safe enough lead going into sunday's largely ceremonial last stage a sixty four mile ride into paris with the expected win from will claim his third straight championship and fourth overall that will put him one away from an exclusive club of fivetime winners that includes legendary writers shock thiel eddy merckx bernard hinault in miguel indurain american lance armstrong had his record seven tour victory stripped and stricken from the record books after remitted doping tumbled on npr news at the british open american golfer jordan spieth remains atop the leaderboard with a threeshot lead today is the fourth and final round on trial snyder npr news from washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include via state of eric robert gustafsen member of the graduating class of 1950 fire from lincoln high school in seattle whose bequest seeks to help npr further its mission to.

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