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Resort town just east of fargo at this time of year it was completely devastated out now attractions but tocacco it has to be let out on the far side of the lake where there was no town just for us and he did have a moment where he thought it's cold out why am i letting are out in the cold but like a lot of people that second thoughts but they just didn't think it was polite to ask and so they just he just let her out of the car and drove off and the tax driver paul out in the middle of the woods the same spot and there was there was no sound at all just the sound of the wind flying off the lake and just cold air and i followed followed kacoos path onto the property of of this of this woman named deb who i went to see she said that she was with her kids in front of the house and she saw this figure in black running up the hill a couple hundred feet away into the forest this figure that look like it was a witch and i didn't know it i whether deb was joking or not but she said that she gathered the the kids together into a circle and she prayed to ask for jesus protection against the influence of the switch but she was very sad because you know tocacco passed through the lives of these people just really briefly she she came and she went and in the same way that i think the nyc clark felt that he should have been spending less time looking at her legs and more time trying to help her it was the same thing with this this woman deb that the christian thing to do would have been run after run up the hill to find out if she needed help but she didn't do that that's what jesse felt as well in fact he told me why didn't i do more the next morning hunter found a caucus body clearing by the forest she died of exposure kneeling against a tree with her face buried in the snow the last person paul spoke to was the lead investigator case and.

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