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So that's I'm so happy that you're here. I had the most beautiful meal at Morimoto. And I just couldn't believe desserts that you sent out you are so talented. I mean, I'm sure people tell you that all the time. But before we start to talk about your desserts. I wanna go way back because you have such an interesting story. Unlike a lot of people we talked to new been cooking since the age of four, right? Yes. I started in my parents gettin on their the wonderful to shift of my grandmother. And where did you grow up and not how Okinawa depend? And how big is your family was my parents, and my brother and know, the brother, and then my grandmother lived the Turley full minutes walk away from us. Oh, you're so lucky that's really special when you're a kid to have something like that definitely. Because my parents voice backings. So I don't see them as much actually I think I most likely will might from other. More than is. Oh, my parents and your parents were in the industry. Right. They were we actually owned our own small little out, which is like a pub in the house. So that was that was our family restaurants. It was it was very small neighborhood restaurant will almost all of our guests for locals so the end of the workday. They would come in in the morning. They would come into effect is very small, but you know, very comfortable restaurant. I want to hear more about it because you say like a pub, but I'm guessing it has absolutely nothing to do with. It's nothing like an American or British pub, and you said breakfast. So it was open all day. It was even my father would be indigent cooking at around five. Neighbouring? He is the restaurant much more than my mother. My mother would go in later because he was a she was trying to take care of me like get us out to school. Then all that. So about might father would be there. I would say I don't believe. I've ever seen him wake up later than five thirty at latest at dawn to to be at the restaurant cooking and turning the throws on getting a pulse on what were some of the breakfast dishes. We do a lot of bentos Javanese cuisine, especially simple Japanese. He more like, it's very family cooking. So it would be better style. So it will be one Trey and you would have five or six things on there. So typical deputies breakfast would be as mobile of rice soup, fish and some vegetables are around. I know it sounds a little bit strange that we eat fish for breakfast. But in Japan, that's just no it sounds, so wonderful nourishing. And I think I would like that for breakfast right now. What was it? Typical lunch lunch was a heavier usually. But when I say heavy, it's heavy competitive. Most cuisines world, it's more, and it's a quicker preparation because of course, we had some. A few office buildings and construction sites around the close to homes that we would have construction workers. I would come in and pick up Ben Doan Bente would usually be like Yagi Sopa who like a surface sort of noodle. Or also, we were still go penthouse style. But it would be a little bit more food like maybe two portions of slotting Vega, but that's pretty much about it. That was kind of I we did a lot of Bengals. So you said up bento would they take them to go? Oh, yes. Definitely most of them did most of them did. And I'm just thinking of American takeout and all the awful plastic. And that is not the way the Japanese do things, what was the takeout packaging like so all of into his one box first of all. Typically, I would say one of the quickest bentos that result. And of course, the quickest most people would get that. Because I need to grab it as takeaway run back to office back to the side. It would be one bento. They're usually five compartments in the box. The lodged component would be for the starch which would be either rice or noodles. And then the other spoken one for either fish or meat and then vegetables, we are very heavy on vegetables getting away. Eat a lot a lot of folks, which is very typical of our cuisine in Okinawa. And also in Japan in general, and would they bring the boxes back? Yes. Actually, they did or actually and sometimes we would actually deliver as well..

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