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With you all and in our first segment I got things rolling discussing the game recaps from Friday September eighteenth things are starting to get very in the MLB a lot of really good games that evening and with some playoff racist starting to heat up as we get closer to October this season's going to have a very interesting finish to it be stick around for the final. Few minutes of the show today as I will discuss one of the more popular topics in baseball whether or not pete rose should be in the hall of fame a really good discussion. So stick around for that one. Later on in the show, I want to get into some of the most improved players this year and which players have really turned their season around an in a matter of weeks at that and a couple. Of names you're going to be shocked at because you know they're usually starts the studied players and players that we hear quite a bit about, and so it's going to be a little alarming at first when I mentioned some of these guys what some of these players, they really had a tough first couple of weeks top first couple of games at that. So the first guy I want to mention from the Chicago. White. SOx. Tim Anderson he's the reigning batting champion in the AL had a rough first few games of the season. His average dipped well below two hundred to start the year, which is very uncharacteristic of a player of his caliber with his ability as a hitter to see the average you know go that low however, he did have a very quick turnaround as average quickly climbed above the three hundred mark within the next few games now, Anderson. Had A huge year last year and to the life of me I don't understand how he didn't make the All star team. He led the League with a three thirty five batting average and also had career highs in hits with one, hundred, sixty, seven, and in doubles with thirty two. So the guy can clearly hit without question his performance in September has been the best baseball he's played all season long in the first fourteen. Games of the month of September, he was only Hitless in two of them and with his team just recently clinching their first playoff spots since two thousand and eight I. Think we will hear a lot more about Tim Anderson and honestly for a guy that is you know one of the best is on one of the best teams in baseball this year it's shocking. We don't hear a ton about him. We definitely do hear about. Him Nothing. We never hear about him but I think that Jose gets a lot of attention and rightfully. So but I think that Anderson will start to gain more and more attention with them being in the playoffs in everyone being able to watch their games. They'll see how good Anderson really is. He definitely had a rocky start to the season, but he finally got a rhythm and he hasn't looked back since and I think. That this white sox team is going to really benefit from having him on their team and in their lineup because he's got a great bat and going into these playoffs that's going to be crucial for their team. Next guy that I wanNA mention from the Elliot Angels Anthony Down. Now don't season has been a little bit more of a struggle. The Anderson's Manley because random didn't catch fire until the later the latter part of August. When don't start to the season hitting three thirty three after the first game. So the first game in an angels uniform off to a great start but that quickly dropped to below his average dropped below two hundred as he was two hundred or below all the way up until the middle part of August when he finally broke through that barrier and was able to hit higher than two hundred, he also only had four home. Runs through the first fifteen games or so which again is an awful considering that the season was going to be shorten anyways. But for a guy who hit thirty four homers last year and hit three nineteen on the year I mean you had a career season in Washington he definitely did not start his career with the angels on the right foot at all but he did turn things around thanks in part to a fourteen. Game hitting streak right in the middle of August, and all of a sudden has averaged from well below two hundred, two now batting three, twenty, six at that point in over one hundred point increase that is very impressive and that's really hard to do. In the MLB. He's now starting to flatten out a little bit as he went into September hitting a little below three hundred. He's now hitting two, seventy seven but he was. Able to bring the PS up above one thousand after having his opium drop to as low as five sixty nine. So the fact that that is back up to above his opiates as back up above nine hundred that's a great signed for him in the angels moving forward because he will be in L. A. for quite some time signing a huge contract with one of the biggest season acquisitions by any team and although this team. Will, not. Make the playoffs they're to really love having down in the city of angels because he can hit and although he showed he can really slump. He has also shown can turn things around and he is capable of turning up the notch a little bit and is able to improve his play. That's a great sign that he can bring himself out of a slump and make a quick turnaround. No question about it he's. been a really nice bright spot for the angels and who knows you know in the next two or three years if they add certain players in certain pieces that they need to, you know he could be the the main focal point him and trout on this team. We could see them possibly in the postseason I. Really do think that next guy another guy from the Chicago White Sox Jose Abreu Abrego has had an up and. Down Year starting off pretty rough, and then turn it around some, and then he was somewhat mediocre for part of August. But then as of recently I mean he has been going off from the plate through the first four games. He was hitting no higher than two thirty five and for a back to back all star the last two seasons to enter the season hitting near them in does align there's never a good way. To get the season started, he was able to bring it up a little bit to as high as to ninety five in early. August. Before dip back down to under two fifty. So a lot of up and down, very hot and cold year for Jose Abreu. But then the latter part of August happened and he's been on an absolute tear ever since his average has been well above three hundred since about August eighteenth and the. Has Been through the roof as well, which has explained why he leaves the MLB in Rbi's this year with fifty one and he leads the the MLB sixty eight hits and with at as well as he has two hundred and five at bats. So a guy that is clearly doing a lot of damage from the plate and again. If you think about it I, mean you've got Tim Anderson who I just mentioned and got Jose Abreu you. They've got Eloi Jimenez and Louis Robert I mean he's I mean he's been struggling a little bit lately but you know everybody's saying that he's and he is a very good baseball player but I mean this white sox team is dangerous. He's I. mean. Brave a very vital part to this white sox lineup, his batting average actually a career high for him right now, as he's sitting right at three, thirty two and the opium is above one thousand for the first time in his career as well and with playoffs nearing and and like I mentioned the White Sox clinching a playoff spot, we're going to see. Much more of a break in the fall time and to.

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