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From NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly fire. Officials in California say the state's largest wildfire on record is now more than. Fifty percent contained the Mendocino complex, fire has burned more than three hundred five thousand acres Senator Kamala Harris met yesterday with some of the crews have been battling the flames she says congress needs, to increase federal funding to fight wildfires especially with climate change expected to play a larger role in. The years ahead climate change is playing a part in it and has, a role in this and. So as a general matter then let's, all agree on that and think about what. We can do to reduce the. The effects of climate change, in California and the rest of the country south of, Los Angeles more than twenty thousand people are under evacuation orders because of. A wildfire there. A federal judge in San Francisco was hearing arguments today in two lawsuits challenging a citizenship question On the upcoming twenty twenty US census NPR's. Hansie lo Wong says the Trump administration is facing six lawsuits over the question. Attorneys at the Justice department has, been trying to get these six lawsuits over the citizenship question dismissed they weren't able to get to cases at Manhattan federal court tossed and today US district judge, Richard Seaborg is hearing oral arguments in two cases including one led by California state attorney general heavier. Sarah who was the first to file a lawsuit back in March I'm, Dave Mattingly in Washington I'm Richard, Hake on WNYC in New York one day. After New York congressman Chris Collins was indicted on, federal insider trading charges governor Cuomo had some harsh, words, for his longtime political nemesis I don't think he was fit. To hold office before yesterday After yesterday Should he resign? Or not, you know that's up. To him Collins has vowed to stay in office and fight for reelection. This November he's pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges that he used inside information on a biotech company to help his friends. And family avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars. In losses dozens of. New Jersey transit trains have been cancelled in the, past week but mechanical failures and breakdowns have little to do with a rash. Of cancellations, instead WNYC's Rebecca Ibarra reports officials are blaming them on, staff shortages governor Phil Murphy wants to make one. Thing clear most train engineers. Are solid they're, highly trained they're. Highly motivated in, some cases we're running, them ragged but he said a few are spoiling things for everyone else by calling, out last-minute, no engineer, no train but the agency's woes go beyond unscheduled. Call outs the system is also running thin, on engineers and there's not much the agency can do about it in the. Short term nj transit says they'll hire, more staff but it takes twenty months to fully train engineers For now. Murphy says he'll prioritize improving communicating delays and cancellations to commuters a mostly sunny Friday highs near eighty six degrees today we do. Have a chance of showers and thunderstorms later. On this evening late. Tonight and into tomorrow morning some of those storms, could be heavy at times right now seventy three degrees in New York support..

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