Bulls, Kennedy, Iman Eisenhower discussed on Steve Cochran


NBA trade deadline is today the bulls host the pelicans tonight and still dealing with some snowy and wet conditions on most of the roadways this morning just give yourself some extra time as far as the amount Kennedy's concert was seen quite a few accidents that wanted Canfield another Cumberland both off to the side is still about thirty eight minutes in from here from the even about twenty four thirty two out to the airports outbound evens is up to about twenty two minutes away cook road Iman Eisenhower's an hour from three ninety five forty two from Mannheim so man on the whole way in inbound Stevenson from the tri state fifty two minutes our ten from three fifty five delays fifty three on up to eighty three accident out on right at forty seven in the left lane they should Ford inbound at Dalton accidents still off to the side with a back up there fifty seven is slow in from about one hundred and Seventh at tollways it's heavy on the tri state just north on ninety fifth up to seventy five I eighty still have this jackknife semi westbound near my neck on the right lane also an accident at Francis road accident Addison lake west of Addison and in fox lake railroad crossing problem that route one thirty two just east of route twelve I merry band of elves net traffic center remind you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death coming this summer the new center from the center of the seven nights a week WGN America winter weather advisory live in Chicago and you can get to the point where nature can throw pretty much anything at.

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