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To me it makes sense to me it. It didn't it didn't help What do you. What do you feel going forward with pogba. They you think. What do you think they should do. I think he's the most. I enter in our squad but this isn't the first time this has happened I think in an marino's second season maybe in his last season just before the manchester darby Guardiola a pep guardiola was having a news. Conference press conference before the match and he saw snap and he said that baba's agent had offered him in january demand city and For all the you know the things people say about that. I think is an honest guy. I don't think he made that up because a bog. Buzz managed boggles agent scumbag. So i absolutely expect offered him to city but this this of stuff at bullet bog but basically through his entire time bar. The first year in his first year he was super professional. Amazing things don get them in line. He was the leader in on in the dressing room and he made sure that boba behaved himself when on left. I think bob thought he became the main man and he hasn't really held onto properly. He's been making moves about leaving every year since then and the Since bruno game bruno is the player that everybody be baalbek gaming for ninety million. Oh my god he's gonna be the best midfielder in the world. One day he'll be a band or winter because he has touted. I mean he's he's a dog guy. He's got an amazing boston range. He's a mix of false goals. Patrick vieira which like think a better version of But the difference is that bob budget doesn't put in the shift like even when bruno has a bad game. Bruno will still chase after the ball like misplaced the boss but he straightaway historic chasing off dread whereas log boat loose ball and he throws his hands up. And he's off any buff anymore. Chase off the guy. I mean he throws a fit every time that happened so that gets diarrhea for fans. I don't to believe. But i don't see how he can stay off to this. I mean it's dying. Imagine how it must feel if you're deemed metaphysics. You're the locker room. You know everything's happening. How how how. How damaging is that for the locker room like the guy clearly does not want to be here and his agent is going around saying that i mean if if he went to stay he would have shut his his asia by now. But he hasn't so. I guess that speaks I agree a me. i've played. I've been in locker rooms and knowing how one player is being treated differently than everybody else it does affect the team.

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